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​Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai
Product Manager


Wallace &Tiernan® control units operate under vacuum to guarantee maximum safety to the system and the surrounding environment. Injectors are key elements of any gas feed system that operates under vacuum.

​Vacuum is produced at the injector and transmitted through the control unit to the vacuum regulating valve located at the gas supply. A vacuum regulating valve reduces gas pressure to a vacuum at once. Dry gas moves then through the system to the injector under vacuum. At the injector, the metered gas is dissolved in the water stream. The resultant solution is discharged to the point of application.

Injectors along with control units and vacuum regulators are key elements of any gas feed system that operates under vacuum. Therefore, it is critical to select an injector correctly sized for the specific application that will maximize system performance and optimize gas consumption.

Evoqua Water Technologies offers two types of injectors: fixed throat type injectors for lower capacity applications and larger, adjustable throat injectors for higher gas flowrates.

Don't know which injector is best for your application? Evoqua's team of experienced engineers are available to consult and help you make the right selection.



  • ​Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial process water
  • Aquatics

 Key Benefits

  • ​Built-in double check valves for superior protection against back flooding
  • Anti-syphon arrangement for swimming pools and negative backpressure application
  • Adjustable throat injectors allow for manual control of optimal water flow to meet actual operating conditions
  • Flexible mounting orientation of fixed throat injectors for convenient installation Injectors