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Gas Feed Equipment And Control

Over 100 years ago, Charles F. Wallace and Martin F. Tiernan installed the first chlorinator in New York and since then chlorine gas has been the predominant chemical for the disinfection of water.

​​The most economic disinfectant is available as gaseous or liquid chlorine supplied in cylinders or ton containers. Using a remote vacuum-operated gas feeder, a chlorine solution is prepared on site from chlorine gas and water. This solution is used as a disinfectant. All of our gas feeders are based on the proven V-Notch™ flow control technology, which provides a wide control range and very high repeatability.

 Wallace & Tiernan® Gas Feed Equipment

​ ​ ​ ​Gas Feed Systems: Chlorinators, Sulfonators, & Ammoniators
ProductDescription​PPD​Capacity Kg/hr
S10K™ Gas Feed System​Low-capacity sonic gas feed system suitable for container mount or remote mounting​500​10
V10K™ Gas Feed System​Configurable, differential-regulated gas feed system, wall mount with automatic or manual control​750​15
​V2000™ Gas Feed System​High-capacity, differential-regulated gas feed system, wall mount, and floor-standing arrangements​10,000​200
60-225 Ammoniator​Direct-feed system for feeding ammonia to water, and for chloramination of drinking water​2,000​40
​ Evaporators​ ​
ProductDescriptionPPDCapacity Kg/hr
50-2000 Evaporator​For liquid chlorine, ammonia, or sulfur dioxide; meets ASME code and designed to Chlorine Instutite standards; SQL certified (optional) ​10,000​200
E-2000 Evaporator​For liquid chlorine, ammonia, or sulfur dioxide; pressure vessel certified by TÜV, and system is CE certified​10,000​200
​ ​ Gas Feed Accessories​ ​
Product​Description​PPD​Capacity Kg/hr
​55-410 Remote Switchover​Economic, low-capacity, remote vacuum switchover​1,000​20
​55-400 Remote Switchover​Economic, remote vacuum switchover​4,000​75
Chemical Changeover Unit​Automatic changeover modules V-015, A-015, or AU-015 with electronic control unit for gas or liquid​10,000​200
Gas Injection​ ​ ​
Product​Description​PPD​Capacity Kg/hr
Injectors​Fixed- and variable-throat injectors from ¾" to 4"​10,000​200
Water Champ® FX System​Submersible mixer for open-channel applications​10,000​200
Chlorine Safety​ ​ ​ ​
​Product​Description​PPD​Capacity Kg/hr
​GMS plus Gas Detector​Gas leak detection system for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, or ozone​n/a​n/a
​RJ-2000 Scrubber​Emergency scrubbers for chlorine, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide​1 - 90​1,000 - 90,000 Gas Feed Equipment And Control