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​Stephan Andree
Product Manager

Deox/2000® Dechlorination Analyzer

The Deox/2000® measurement module is a versatile, accurate and reliable on-line instrument for the continuous measurement of SO2 and total chlorine residuals in waste water treatment plant effluent
​With its "center zero" residual analysis capability ensures complete dechlorination at a level to support compliance with discharge permits. The Deox/2000 measurement module provides accurate, verifiable output for monitoring and control independent of changing water conditions.



  • Accurate and continuous measurement of SO2 and chlorine residuals
  • Amperometric three electrode measuring cell technology for stable and true indication of residual levels
  • Quantitative monitoring of Chlorine residuals for indication of incomplete dechlorination

 Key BEnefits

  • Supports compliance with EPA residual discharge levels in wastewater and industrial cooling water processes
  • Monitoring of sulfite residuals prevent costly overfeed of the dechlorination chemical
  • Changes in water quality, turbidity, or conductivity do not affect the units measurement
  • Provides for automatic chemical dosing of the sample line to eliminate biological growth Deox/2000® Dechlorination Analyzer