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Jonathan Dick
Product Manager

DIOX-C Chlorine Dioxide Generator

In the Wallace & Tiernan® systems DIOX-C generators, chlorine dioxide is produced as an aqueous solution of constant strength following the Chlorine Chlorite method.

DIOX-C generator by Wallace & Tiernan® brand using the Chlorine Chlorite method offers highly economical Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) production combining high safety performance with durability, simplicity and low maintenance. Chlorine dioxide is produced as an aqueous solution of constant strength up. For the generation, Sodium Chlorite (24.5% NaClO2) and Chlorine (Cl2) gas are used. Optimal ratio of the two precursors ensures maximum yield of Chlorine Dioxide.

Available in 3 capacities up to 4500 g/h.



  • Drinking water
  • Industrial; process water, food and beverage, cooling towers
  • Legionella control
  • Wastewater treatment

 Key Benefits

  • Extremely economical procedure for the generation of chlorine dioxide
  • Fail safe system with multiple safety features
  • Easy installation with a fully packaged, pre-tested system with compact footprint
  • Batch operation allows for several dosing points
  • Advanced communication capabilities with PROFIBUS® DP

​Firmware/Software updates

* In the United States, chlorine dioxide generation systems are marketed under the Millennium brand. DIOX-C Chlorine Dioxide Generator