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​Stephan Andree
Product Manager

DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System

The DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P system has been designed for measurement and control functions as well as process control in pool water treatment applications.

​The DEPOLOX Pool E 700 P unit is a complete pool water management system that incorporates many of the existing differentiated pool water treatment features such as DIN contact, shock chlorination menu, economic mode operation as well as the CEDOX control algorithm. The controller supports all chemical feed applications commonly found in pool water treatment such as dosing pumps or relay control feeders, chlorine gas feed control, on-site electrochlorination system operation as well as a control signal to UV systems, flocculation and/or activated carbon slurry feed systems.

The DEPOLOX Pool E 700 P unit can measure and control the critical disinfection parameters of free chlorine, pH and ORP. The instrument can also measure combined and total chlorine as well as conductivity and provides a control output for these measurements. Considering all of the functionalities incorporated into the one controller that is operated via an intuitive touch screen, the complete system is easily recognized as a user-friendly pool water management system.



  • Measurement and control of pool water parameters

 Key BEnefits

  • Innovative, future proof design, flexible in operation and expansion
  • 7” colour touch panel ensures intuitive operation
  • Trend diagrams available on for all measured parameters
  • Remote access via Smartphone or PC when connected to the internet
  • Optional electronic water colour indication that serves as a sensor status check
  • All functions of the existing DEPOLOX Pool system are included
  • Time efficient updates and expansions DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System