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​Stephan Andree

Product Manager

DEPOLOX® 5 Measurement Module

The DEPOLOX® 5 measurement module can be used with either the SFC electronic package for single point analysis and control or the versatile MFC electronic package for multiple measurements and control.

It consists of a plug-in sensor card and flow cell with an integral, bare-electrode measurement configuration. Utilizing amperometric residual measurement technology, it is suitable for disinfection applications, ranging from simple measuring/monitoring tasks to complex control processes for treating potable water, process water, and pool water. For a pH corrected free chlorine measurement with a single SFC unit a SiDiSens module is available.


 Typical Applications

  • Measurement and control tasks in potable water works
  • Process water monitoring in all water-based industrial processes
  • Cooling water monitoring

 Key Benefits

  • ​Accurate measurement and high reproducibility
  • Fast response time to meet fluctuating disinfection demands
  • Rugged design and minimal maintenance due to hydrodynamic cell cleaning
  • Economical, reagentless operation
  • Proven operation in thousands of installations around the world
  • Intuitive programming for userfriendly operation DEPOLOX® 5 Measurement Module