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​Stephan Andree
Product Manager

DEPOLOX® 3 Plus Residual Analyzer

The Wallace & Tiernan® Systems  DEPOLOX® 3 Plus Residual Analyzer continuously measures free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone and provides a temperature measurement in drinking water applications
​The DEPOLOX 3 is also available in an arrangement to additionally measure pH or fluoride. Utilizing proven and universally accepted amperometric measurement technology, this analyzer directly measures disinfectant residuals and provides a 4-20 mA output signal for PLC control or recording purposes.



  • Municipal water treatment plants

 Features and Benefits

  •  Chlorine measurement without the use of reagents allowing the water sample to be re-injected to the water plant inlet
  • Flexible measurement arrangements
  • Advanced electronics with fully programmable relays for alarms and other uses
  • Chlorine analyzer with state of the art measurement technology at a low life cycle cost DEPOLOX® 3 Plus Residual Analyzer