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Chemical Feed Analyzers and Process Controllers

With ever-increasing demands for providing high-quality potable water to efficient treatment of wastewaters to safe and chemistry controlled pool and spa waters, constant monitoring of water quality parameters is critical.

​Reliable and accurate measurement, coupled with responsive and intelligent controls provide the complete solution. From single parameter analyzers to multi parameter and multifunction controllers and a wide range of water quality instrumentation, we provide a total-systems solution for complete analysis and control of water quality.

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Municipal - Drinking Water, Wastewater, Reuse
​DEPOLOX® 700 M​Disinfection Process Analyzer capable of measuring up to 6 parameters, 7” color touchscreen, LED lit flowcell, Ethernet port.​Drinking Water
DEPOLOX® 5​DEPOLOX bare electrode, fast reacting reagent less chlorine measurement, available with MFC or SFC controller.Drinking Water
DEPOLOX® 3 Plus​Residual analyzer with three analog outputs: chlorine, pH, and temperature for C-T reporting. Complies with EPA Method 334.0 ​Drinking Water
Micro/2000® Analyzer​Residual disinfectant analyzer provides high accuracy (ppb) chlorine measurement in challenging water quality applications.Wastewater / Reuse
​Deox/2000® Analyzer​De-chlorination analyzer for wastewater discharge applications, measures either the overfeed or underfeed of the de-chlor agent.​Wastewater
SFC-BA Chlorine Analyzer ​Economical membrane probe free or total chlorine measurement, basic electronics incorporating patented speed up algorithm (UK only).Drinking Water


Aquatics - Pools, Parks, Spas and Splash Pads
DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P​7” color touch screen, measures up to 6 parameters, featuring CEDOX control for chemical and energy savings, LED lit flow cell and Ethernet port.
DEPOLOX® Pool Compact4” color touch screen, aquatic disinfection controller, measures up to 4 disinfection parameters, LED lit flowcell and standard Ethernet port.
Ezetrol Touch​4” color touch screen, disinfection controller, measures up to 4 parameters, meets PWTAG code (UK), LED lit flowcell and Ethernet port. ​
Blu-Sentinel​Aquatic controller with proven Strantrol® measurement probes. Designed to meet ANSI/NSF 50 and Model Aquatic Health Code.


Industrial – Commercial, Institutional, Power & Cooling, HVAC, Food & Beverage, Processing
Strantrol® HRRRugged, highly accurate, repeatable High Resolution Redox (ORP) and pH measurement for Industrial processes. Replaces Strantrol 886/887. ​
ECO 88XEconomic analyzer ideally suited for chemical-based water disinfection applications. Measure chlorine, pH, ORP, Conductivity and mA signals.
Micro/2000 AnalyzerResidual disinfectant analyzer provides high accuracy (ppb) chlorine measurement in challenging water quality applications. ​


Process Controllers
MFC SeriesMulti-Function Controller, a complete water quality analyzer/controller measures up to 5 parameters in a single or with multiple flow cells. ​
SFC SeriesSingle Function Controller, a highly flexible and modular controller measures a single input: chlorine, pH, temp, ORP, fluoride and others.
SFC PC SeriesProcess Controller for compound loop control with flow signal and process variable. Replaces PCU (Process Control Unit) directly. ​
SFC SC Series​Signal Conditioning for flow proportional controlled dosing of chemicals. Replaces SCU (Signal Conditioning Unit) directly.


Gas Detection and Monitoring
GMS plus​Flexible two-channel measuring system designed for gas and temperature monitoring: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide. ​
Acutec™ 35Gas detection system for chlorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide in air for total plant safety in chemical generation and dosing applications.


 Remote Monitoring
Process Monitoring System​Data visualization and parameter adjustments on a single configurable screen, using an integrated web server, connect up to 32 Wallace & Tiernan devices.​​
OPC-ServerData communication with Wallace & Tiernan devices via RS 485 interface 


Handheld, Lab and Other Instruments
P7 Advanced​The handheld P7 Advanced Photometer measures up to seven parameters. Replaces P15 Photometer directly. ​
P34 ProfessionalThe handheld P34 Photometer measures up to 34 parameters in water treatment.
pH check​High-quality, battery-powered hand-held meter used to determine pH values in solution. ​ Chemical Feed Analyzers and Process Controllers