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​Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai

Product Manager

55-410 remote switchover

Chlorine dosing is one of the key processes on water and wastewater treatment plants. To ensure that this process is uninterrupted, Wallace & Tiernan® remote vacuum switchover units deliver continuous supply.

Switchover units provide unattended automatic switchover to a fresh gas supply when the on-line supply is exhausted. The switchover is non-isolating for complete gas withdrawal. This units are remote mounted and allow for vacuum manifolding of multiple gas containers for high capacity feed rates up to 75 kg/hr (4000 ppd) of chlorine. The switchover operates on vacuum and is installed in the gas feed line between separate banks of vacuum regulating valves and the control unit of a new or existing gas dosing systems.



  • ​Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial process water
  • Aquatics 

 Key Benefits

  • Non-isolating switchover for complete gas withdrawal
  • Switchover is automatic and does not require operator's attention
  • Manual release handle allows for manual switchover
  • Easy-to-read icons indicate operating status (55-400 model only)
  • Wall or panel mounting for operator convenience
  • Suitable for use with chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia
Switchover model​Capacity

​20 kg/h (1,000 ppd) chlorine and sulfur dioxide

8 kg/h (450 ppd) ammonia


​75 kg/h (4,000 ppd) chlorine and sulfur dioxide

36 kg/h (1,900 ppd) ammonia 55-410 remote switchover