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X™ Systems for Cooling Tower Filtration

Designed to overcome wasted inefficiencies and the high power consumption of typical previous technologies used on cooling towers.

The X™ Systems propietary enhanced energy conservation package includes a PLC/VFD pump control, as well as basin zone control, which allows for smaller pumps to be used on large or even multiple cooling towers.  As a part of the energy conservation system, a constant pressure is maintained in the supply lines for most efficient eductor nozzle performance.

The most unique feature of the X System is its ability to clean large or multiple cooling tower basins with only a small number of eductor nozzles by grouping them into cleaning zones.  The specialized zone controller that is included with each package controls each zone by a 24/7/30-day calendar program that can be customized by the end user.


The X Systems have a multitude of features and available options that can be added for a variety of communication and sophisticated functions including:
  • ​Pump fault alarms
  • Motor protection
  • Dry pump protection  
  • Impeller anti-jam 
  • Flow meter data logging
  • Ethernet/IP
  • ​Pump drive protection
  • Automatic system restart       
  • Low and high pressure detection              
  • Power loss delay timer     
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs                          
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • And more...

Zone Control:
  • ​Modular upgrades  
  • Wireless communications
  • Multiple schedules 
  • ​Programmable using USB Drive
  • Controls up to 16 zones (expandable)
  • Various programmable features

The combined features of the X Systems cooling tower filtration skid provides a low cost solution for the removal of particulate from cooling tower basin water. Based on the micron selected (50 micron standard), the removal of all solids to the specified micron rating, can be achieved in a matter of hours not days. This is especially important to note as, unlike separators, a screen filter's 100% particulate removal efficiency is not affected by the specific gravity of the particulate or by varying flow rates through the screen filter.

When used in conjunction with turbulator eductor nozzles, the X System efficiently maintains a clean tower basin by removing all particulate, even as light as algae or as small as silt, without interrupting the facility's processes.

X Systems significantly reduce maintenance costs, energy costs, chemical usage and most important, reduce the consumption of what is quickly becoming our most valuable natural resource: water.  Backed by decades of filtration experience, the system provides performance and reliability at a cost effective and competitive price. X™ Systems for Cooling Tower Filtration