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VAF™ Parts & Service

Various makes and models
There are several self-cleaning screen filtration technologies available today including those that have been sold for more than 35 years. These technologies have evolved over the years resulting in several versions of components for each model. Most of these technologies are manufactured with components from other countries making it extremely difficult for filter owners and maintenance personnel to identify and find a source for the correct part and version to repair their existing systems.

Evoqua's VAFTM brand products has over 20 years experience providing parts and repair services for many different manufacturers’ automatic self-cleaning screen filters. For VAF product or replacement parts call us at +1 303.425.4242, or ask about using our in-house or field support services.

We also custom manufacture filters and skids that simplify installation and meet specific requirements.

 Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter Parts and Repair Services

Repair and Custom Services

  • Filter rebuild/refurbish

  • System startups

  • Filter performance test

  • Custom manufacture of components/parts

  • Service contracts with annual visits

Models most commonly serviced / repaired:

  • VAF2000™

  • Amiad™

  • Filtomat™

  • Tekleen™

  • Orival™


Filter Parts Inventory:

  • Screens

  • Screen pullers

  • Flush valves

  • Pistons

  • Piston kits

  • Cleaning mechanisms

  • Internal assemblies

  • Seal kits

  • Bodies

  • Filter controllers



 Field Service

Start-up, training and service

*Our filter parts are US manufactured to our exacting standards.

Tekleen is a registered trademark of Automatic Filters, Inc.
Filtomat is a registered trademark of Filtomat, Inc.
VAF2000 is a registered trademark of Valve and Filter Corporation.
Amiad is a registered trademark of Amiad Filtration Systems, Inc.
Orival is a registered trademark of Orival, Inc.

 In-House Test Facility

Performance test in progress