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Membrane Bioreactor Systems (MBR)

For more than three decades, Evoqua has led the membrane industry. We dedicated a team strictly to MBR in 1995. Today, our technology operates in more than 150 municipal and industrial plants across the globe.

 Our MBR Technology

​Proven to Deliver

Proven to deliver greater effluent and productivity, while reducing the lifecycle cost, our MBR technology is the preferred in the industry. Our technology uses a fully automated process that provides liquid/solid separation by combining biological waste oxidation and membrane separation. In turn, this eliminates the need for any secondary clarification. Many ask what makes MBR more beneficial than conventional processes. The answer is simple:

  • ​Saves footprint on sites with limited space
  • ​No need to use clarifier or sand
  • ​Improves effluent quality, allowing water to be re-used
  • ​Allows for plant expansions in the same footprint
  • ​Uses a smaller biological process
  • ​Fully automated

mempulse® mbr vs. xpress™ mbr: what's the difference?

Evoqua is committed to providing the highest quality membrane technologies. Currently, we offer the MemPulse® MBR and the XPRESS™ MBR systems. Although both are MBR systems, they serve very different purposes. Combining our innovative membrane filtration systems with an activated sludge biological treatment process, the MemPulse MBR system delivers unparalleled operation with little maintenance requirements. The pre-engineered XPRESS MBR system, on the other hand, is a small-flow membrane bioreactor package plant that's designed to produce high-quality effluent while simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs. Other differences of the systems include:

  • Utilizes no moving parts during the membrane air scour process 
  • ​Can be used for industrial wastewater, remote installations, emergency wastewater treatment, and more
  • ​Can be used for parks and resorts, turnkey projects, water reuse, and more
  • ​Comes pre-assembled, reducing installation costs and time
  • Features a modular design
  • ​Saves space due to its space-saving, compact design

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