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Mark Pamperin
Product Manager - Biological Processes

Decanters - Floating, Supernatant or Effluent

A state-of-the-art supernatant withdrawal mechanism

Evoqua's floating effluent decanter is the only true solids-excluding decanter in the industry that does not utilize electromechanical equipment and/or air-operated sealing in the wastewater treatment basin. The state-of-the-art design utilizes multiple orifices to keep velocities at a minimum, and pulls treated effluent from below the surface to eliminate the possibilities of entraining floatables.



  • High-quality, durable, corrosive-resistant materials
  • No electro mechanical parts in the basin
  • Excludes floatables
  • Manual override

 key benefits

  • Maintenance-free
  • Simple, safe operation
  • Consistent performance
  • Years of reliable operating experience Decanters - Floating, Supernatant or Effluent