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​Mark Pamperin
Product Manager - Biological Processes

Jet Tech technology from Evoqua: 700 Successful SBR Installations & Counting

Evoqua's SBR systems with Jet Tech technology turn wastewater treatment challenges into cost-effective, energy efficient solutions through simple operation, design flexibility, and our process experts' collaborative approach.

​700 successful SBR installations across dozens of countries and applications wouldn't be possible without the biological process expertise of Ken Norcross, co-founder of Jet Tech.  Ken along with Evoqua's product experts are able to provide the process knowledge, experience and service needed to deliver an SBR system that provides superior consistent performance under the most demanding wastewater treatment conditions.                                                                                                              

 35 Years of Experience & Expertise

​Ken has helped  hundreds of facilities design wastewater treatment solutions from the ground up; these simplify the treatment process, reduce capital and operating costs, and increase reliability.  Jet Tech, and now Evoqua has a 35 year history of providing OMNIFLO® SBR systems for municipal and industrial solutions without a plant failure.*

(*When operated within design conditions per the O&M manual)

 Many Footprints. One Clear Result.

Evoqua SBR system come in many sizes to product high quality effluent.   Evoqua offers municipalities and industries a range of systems, from the large capacity OMNIFLO® SBR to the more compact OMNIPAC® SBR field-erected treatment plant.  From widely varying flows to retrofitting existing basins, our technology and collaborative approach provides exceptional flexibility.

Unique challenges deserve unique solutions. Evoqua's retrofit & rehab expert explains.

 700 Successful SBR Installations & Counting

Jet Tech co-founder, Ken Norcross now consultant for Evoqua explains the OMNIFLO SBR systems exceptional track record.

 Learn more about OMNIFLO® SBR Systems

Click here to listen to Ken explain how Sequencing Batch Reactors complete multiple treatment steps sequentially over time in a single reactor. 

Listen to how the OMNIFLO® SBR System can provide superior proven performance under demanding conditions.

Read how Regional Utilities of Walton County, Florida is prepared for the future with Evoqua's SBR system with Jet Tech technology. 

Read how the City of Marathon of Marathon, Florida was able to expand their wastewater treatment plant with an OMNIPAC® SBR system in a short amount of time while saving costs and achieving their effluent requirements. Jet Tech technology from Evoqua: 700 Successful SBR Installations & Counting