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Why are the sidebars on my filter press bowing?

This usually means you have solids build-up on your sealing surfaces. If so, clean your plates and cloths.

If you have a thick layer of solids built up on your plate your filter press might be out of square. A filter press that's out of square can cause your side rails to bow out as your plates are not lining up correctly.

In rare instances, it may be due to incorrect press installation alignment. Consult your O&M manual for installation and set-up instructions.

If you cannot locate your O&M Manual call our customer service department at 800-245-3006.

You can purchase all sizes of filter cloths and filter plates directly from Evoqua - as well as many other parts!

We are the OEM for JWI(R), USFIlter, Siemens, Perrin, Passavant, IPM (MC Presses) and Envirex filter presses. That means we have every part number and drawing from all of those filter press brands.


Even if you have dewatering equipment of other brands, we can repair and refurbish those, too.

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