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 Water Treatment For Surface Finishing

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Evoqua has many different product offerings for the Surface Finishing industry including J-Mate® Dryers, Filter Presses by JWI®, MMO- and Pt-coated titanium substrate anodes, Neutralization and precipitation systems, Deionization and ionization systems.

We've been integral to the surface and metal finishing industries for over 40 years.

Equipment We Supply Into The Surface Finishing Industry

We design, build and supply MMO- and Pt-coated titanium substrate anodes for metal plating and electroplating applications.


To separate solids from a slurry the industry will typically use a J-Mate® Dryer in its process.

In separating solids from a liquid to treat wastewater the J-Press® filter press has been utilized in the industry for over 40 years. Learn more about filter presses and parts we have available in inventory, ready to ship.
Ion Exchange
Ion exchange (IX) is a proven and cost-effective technology for removing inorganic contaminants. Evoqua‘s WWIX service utilizes ion exchange resins and other media selected to remove specific ionic contaminants from groundwater, industrial wastewater, and process water for recycle.

Neutralization and precipitation system
Neutralization and precipitation systems are typically comprised of a number of components. The components are configured into a variety of wastewater treatment systems. The integrated electrical controls result in minimal operator attention. The majority of the components are skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired, for fast and easy installation.

Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) Services

WWIX utilizes ion exchange resin canisters for the removal of dissolved heavy metals from a variety of rinse water and wastewater streams. Evoqua provides system design, installation, and custom services that treat wastewater contaminated with heavy metals. Zinc, copper, nickel, and chromium - to name just a few examples of the metals that can be removed to low part per billion levels. Our wastewater treatment systems are designed to meet your discharge requirements, achieve the water quality level needed for reuse and recycling, and minimize the liability associated with on-site storage and handling of chemicals and wastes.