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Why won't my filter press build or hold hydraulic pressure?

Possible causes are:

  1. Faulty check valve.
    What to do:  Remove Check Valve (CV), view inside the end of the valve for any obvious debris and push on the Check Valve to make sure that it

  2. Improperly set/faulty Relief Valve.
    ​What to do:  Ensure the Relief Valve (RV) is set properly (refer to your O&M manual). Remove Relief Valve and visually inspect O-rings for wear and for debris that may cause the valve to stick slightly open.

  3. OPEN/CLOSE/PUMP Selector Switch is bad.
    ​What to do:  With air supply "OFF", remove Blue Line from back side of Selector Switch, turn switch to "PUMP". Turn air supply "ON". If air bleeds out where the Blue Line was connected, then replace switch.

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