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J-Press® Systems In Inventory

Evoqua has many J-Press® filter presses in its inventory - ready to ship.

​Evoqua is proud to offer a range of brand new J-Press® filter presses, each one a genuine JWI™ product, just off the factory floor. These filter presses are ready to ship directly to you.

Stock presses are offered in two sizes, 630 mm and 800 mm. Each size has a range of volumes, described below. Cake thickness from each filter press size is 32 mm, and both the 630 mm and 800 mm filter presses come with gasketed, recessed chamber filter plates.

We also stock a large inventory of parts which allows us to customize a press to your specifications.

If you are trying to best-guess the size of filter press you might need, we have a table using hypothetical numbers for two industries that typically use filter presses. Your numbers will vary depending on your industry and process, however this will provide some context for you.

  Industrial Laundry Metal Finishing
  @18% by wt. TSS @5% bt wt. TSS
630 mm 4 cu/ft3 100 - 150 gallons per cycle 240 - 340 gallons per cycle
630 mm 8 cu/ft3 200 - 300 gallons per cycle 480 - 680 gallons per cycle
800 mm 10 cu/ft3 250 - 350 gallons per cycle 600- 700 gallons per cycle
800 mm 20 cu/ft3 500 - 700 gallons per cycle 1200 - 1400 gallons per cycle

  Read our blog post about our stock press offering - It's Like Drive-Thru - Select A Press And Take It Home!

​Evoqua has stocked inventory on the following J-Press models:

630 mm

630G32-13-4DYLW / 4 cubic feet

630G32-27-8SYLW / 8 cubic feet



Above: 630 mm, 4 c/f press with 13 chambers - includes manifolds and piping system.

Each of the 3 variations of the 630 mm filter press comes standard with an ABS/PVC manifold/piping system and an automatic air/hydraulic closing system. The 8 c/f press includes a semi-automatic plate shifter.


800 mm

800G32-20-10DYLW / 10 cubic feet

800G32-39-20SYLW / 20 cubic feet



Above: 800 mm - includes manifolds and piping , along with a semi-automatic closing system.

Each 800 mm filter press comes standard with a, ABS/PVC manifold/piping system and an automatic air/hydraulic closing system. The 20 c/f sizes includes a semi-automatic plate shifter.

 other items to consider when specifying a filter press

​When specifying a new press, even when it's off the shelf, don't forget about other ancillary needs.

You'll need to consider waste disposal. For that we have a range of material handling equipment including dumpsters, spatulas and more.

You may need to place or relocate your filter press. We design and build platforms and conveyors for easy waste disposal.

You will need to adjust the flow rate of your slurry. A slurry that flows to fast or too slow can damage the filter press or produce poor dewatering results. For accurate, calibrated slurry throughput we design and build pump skids. J-Press® Systems In Inventory