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J-Mate® Continuous Dryer

The J-Mate® Continuous Dryer, a JWI™ product, reduces disposal costs by removing moisture from dewatered cake. It is designed to be used for second stage volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press® filter press or other dewatering systems.

​The J-Press filter press, a JWI product, reduces 80 barrels of metal hydroxide sludge to 4 barrels of cake. While this is a substantial reduction, greater savings are realized with the addition of the J-Mate dryer. Since 60% to 80% of the filter cake is moisture, the J-Mate Dryer can further reduce 4 barrels of filter cake to 1 barrel of dried material for easier, less costly disposal.

Cake from the J-Press filter press is loaded into the continuous J-Mate Dryer receiving hopper using one of several material handling options or directly into a special mobile dumpster.


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 the winning combination

Continuous J-Mate Dryer Solutions

A pioneer in dewatering technology, Evoqua Water Technologies has established itself as the leading provider of dewatering solutions in a wide range of wastewater and processing applications. Evidenced of Evoqua's leadership in metal hydroxide waste reduction is the Continuous J-Mate Dryer, a JWI product. Designed as a second stage dryer for further reduction after mechanical dewatering, the J-Mate Dryer takes over where the filter press, belt press and centrifuge leave off, producing an extremely dry, easily disposed of material.

The J-Mate continuous dryer is designed to reduce disposal costs by removing residual moisture from dewatered cake. It is designed to be used for second stage volume and weight reduction downstream from a J-Press filter press or other dewatering systems. The J-Mate dryer achieves water removal rates from 45 lbs. to 190 lbs (20 KG to 86 KG) er hour in high volume applications.

While mechanical dewatering units can reduce sludge volume up to 20:1, a substantial amount of water still remains in the sludge cake material. The J-Mate dryer dehydrates the cake material to a dry granular form. The result is both a weight and volume reduction of approximately 4:1. The J-Mate dryer is so effective that the payback on your investment can be achieved in as little as 6 months.

Engineered for high volume applications, the J-Mate dryer offers features that deliver significant benefits in efficient, low maintenance operation.












Designed Specifically for Metal Hydroxide and Inorganic Materials
  • Volume reduction ranges from 2:1 to 5:1.
  • Weight reduction from water loss with material going from 20-40% solids to 60-80% solids.
  • Fully automatic processing cycle. Minimal operator attention required.
  • 98% efficient stainless steel venturi type wet scrubber.
  • Stainless steel construction of all internal wetted parts in drying chamber.
  • Modulating control system for optimum energy use.
  • Highly efficient infrared heaters reduce energy cost.
  • Available in LP, natural gas and electric.
  • Optional hydraulic loading system automatically raises and empties drums or dumpsters into receiving hopper.
  • Multiple material handling options for installation flexibility.
  • Indirect heating elements. No direct flame touching material.
  • Electronic, ignition or gas models.
  • The dried, granular material discharges to a bag, barrel or a dumpster for disposal.
Optional Features
  • Dumpsters
  • Hydraulic dumping mechanism for dumpster or drum
  • Stainless steel receiving hoppers
  • Special hopper designs and sizes
  • One way disposable bags
  • Custom support structures available to elevate filter press for direct disposal into J-Mate dryer
  • Single or dual diverter discharge chute

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