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How do I change the filter cloth on the head plate of my gasketed filter press?
​Two plates on a filter press can be confusing when it comes to changing the filter cloth: the tail plate and the head plate.

Luckily the head plate does not require any cutting for the center feed.

  1. For a gasketed filter plate, you must first remove the plate from the filter press. If the filter press is small enough you can lift the plate out and place it on a flat surface. If you have a large filter press you will need a mechanism for lifting out the filter plate.

  2. Take a screwdriver and pry out the existing filter cloth.

  3. Clean the plate thoroughly. Remove all grit and solids from the plate so you can put the new filter cloth against a clean surface.

  4. Place the new cloth along the gasted on the filter plate. Using a nylon wedge and a hammer - or better yet, an air hammer - begin pounding the filter cloth into the groove. NOTE: Do each corner first. Do not start in one spot and work your way around the filter cloth, otherwise the cloth will bunch up at the end.

  5. Put the filter plate back in your filter press.

Watch the short video below to see, in 2 minutes, what this process looks like.

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