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The History of JWI

The history of JWI includes the acquisition of other companies and brands. JWI and its many brands are standard across markets and industries.

1976 - JWI founded in Holland, MI

Founded by John and Linda Vanden Bos as JW Industries, JWI began in 1976 with a single product and a commitment. Today, our product lines are ever expanding to a wide range of markets on a global basis. The commitment of meeting customer needs with quality products and services that exceed customer expectations continues to be our driving force.

In 1977, JW Industries became incorporated as JWI, Inc. At first there were only three employees operating in a garage. Today, JWI in Holland, Michigan, has in excess of 170 employees operating in more than 165,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. The facility was designed with our products in mind, geared specifically for the production of filter presses and the ancillary products that complement the J-Press product family.

From the beginning, as a one product company in 1977, JWI has grown, in the ensuing years to become a leading supplier of process equipment. The original product portfolio of separation and mixing technologies has been refined into what is arguably one of the most recognized brands of filter presses and sludge drying equipment on the market today.

One of the founding principals in JWI’s growth has been its focus on unparalleled customer service. Through JWI’s business history, the ability solve a customer’s problems, provide rapid and reliable responses to customer’s technical needs, and to provide world class after sales parts and service has been a cornerstone in the growth of the company.


1979 – Introduced the "J-Press" filter press to the North American market

The first product line consisted of centrifuges, and shortly after incorporation expanded into the production of industrial mixers and agitators. In 1979, JWI revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the J-Press® filter press. The J-Press® filter press was the first to feature, in a single design, in self compensating air/hydraulic closure system for ease in maintenance, gasketed filter plates for virtually leak free dewatering, semi-automatic plate shifting for labor savings and safety, automatic pump controls for unattended operation and superior paint system that provided the highest level of protection from corrosion. The J-Press® filter press quickly set the benchmark for the filter press performance. In ensuing years, the J-Press® filter press evolved, offering options for fully automatic plate shifting, automatic cloth washing and, PLC controls and a full complement of ancillary slurry processing and cake handling systems.

The original market focus for the J-Press was metal finishing applications in North America, but expanded to include, Chemical process, HPI, Microelectronics, Power, Municipal drinking water as well as an ever increasing number of industrial waste applications.


1984 – Moved into current facility in Holland and introduced the "J-Mate" industrial sludge dryer.

Growth in products offered and markets served prompted a parallel increase in physical size… from a garage, to a welding shop, to an immaculate 165,000 square foot facility with substantial room for expansion.

Product development continued unabated during the early years and in 1984, the first "J-Mate" metal hydroxide dryer was introduced to reduce disposal costs by further reducing the weight and volume of filter cake discharged from a filter press. This was followed in 1986 with a continuous, infra-red heated J-Mate.

JWI’s ongoing commitment to research and development will assure a continuing flow of products to serve changing customer and market requirements.


1985 - One of the fastest growing companies in the US

In 1985 JWI was recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 companies in the US as measured by sales growth (No. 151) from 1980 to 1984. By 1988 JWI obtained #1 market position for filter presses and dryers in North America as reported by Frost & Sullivan.


1991 – Expanded Internationally in SEA and Europe

New product developments as well as improvements and additions to existing products were important components were an important part of JWI’s growth plan. In 1991, JWI introduced the "Series 90" J-Press, the first overhead beam, plate suspension design for the company. It provided the portfolio with a high performance product that was popular in the European and Asian regions and enabled JWI to expand internationally opening offices in both Singapore and Germany.



1997 – Acquired by USFilter

All of the growth and brand recognition attracted the attention of USFilter, who as well as being a potential buyer for JWI was also one of the company’s leading customers. The acquisition by USFilter also positioned JWI to further expand its market potential with the purchase of the Canadian filter press manufacturer W.R. Perrin in 1998. Perrin was a great fit with JWI as it focused on large automated presses and had a loyal customer base in Mining.


2000 – Consolidated USFilter’s UK press manufacturer E&J into North American operation

The JWI and Perrin group, now renamed Dewatering Products, also provided a logical organization under which USFilter could consolidate the other iconic filter press brands it had acquired throughout the 1990’s. These include Edwards & Jones, CPC, and Passavant, USA. Although these brands have become secondary in the portfolio they continue to generate service and aftermarket parts opportunities for the company.


2010 – Acquired IPM filter press line focused on the Mining Vertical

With a complete portfolio of filter presses for General Industry, Power, CPI/HPI and Microelctronics, JWI lacked only a high speed filter press specifically for the Mining market to complete its product family. In 2010 JWI acquired Industrial Process Machinery (IPM). IPM has been a world leader in providing filter press technology for the mining industry for more than 20 years.

Based on years of experience and practical know-how, IPM has developed a robust line of filter presses that are highly automated, offering shorter filter press cycle times and high speed plate opening, resulting in reduced cost. The MC Press™ filter press was specifically designed for mineral concentrate applications but has found acceptance in a number of other mining-related and high solids applications.


2014 – JWI is now an EVOQUA brand and maintains an ongoing investment in your satisfaction

Throughout the evolution of JWI and the myriad of changes that comes with growth and ownership changes, one aspect of the business has remained constant: our dedication and investment into ensuring customer satisfaction.

Evoqua maintains a fully-staffed, state-of-the-art laboratory for determining the most effective liquid/solids separation techniques for your specific application. Capabilities range from feasibility testing of your materials to providing portable pilot units for on-site testing. This customer-focused resource produces tangible results. We can determine the most effective feed pressures, fill times, filter media and sludge conditioning.

In addition to ensuring a better informed equipment purchase, this valuable service is also available to help you maintain maximum performance of your JWI J-Press® filter press.


Ongoing - Support for all of our brands and products

We also customize cost-effective programs for our customer’s specific equipment, application, and environment that translates into lower maintenance cost and years of worry-free operation.

JWI’s professional service staff can quickly and reliably answer your technical questions and troubleshoot specific requirements, schedule parts shipments, and arrange for an on-site service call. Our factory-trained and qualified service engineers travel throughout the world to help ensure equipment runs efficiently. From basic maintenance to complex Program Logic Control (PLC) interfaces and beyond, we have the experience and capability.

Evoqua actively supports all of its brands, past and present. We create parts for and service all of our filter press brands including JWI, Passavant, IPM, Edward & Jones, CPC, and Perrin.

As JWI approaches its 40th year of continuous service to our customers and our 9,000th equipment installation, we would like to thank those very customers that have made it all possible.