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Mike Jager
Product Manager - Dewatering

Filter Press Pump Skids

Pump skids by Evoqua bring the pump to your press which increases efficiencies.
​Evoqua's Pump Skids are designed for the convenience of our filter press customers, and to increase the efficiencies of the filtration process. The filter press must be fed, and the pump skid is designed specifically for your filter press.

Take a quick walkaround of two of our pump skids!


Pump Skids with control panels.



Standard Pump Skid configuration.




​Our technical experts in the field see lots of issues from pumps being sized incorrectly and from the wrong feed profile - both of which affect the performance of the filter press. Our answer:


Pump Skids

Pump skids are ideal as a new capital order with your filter press, and they're designed to work with your existing filter press as an essential accessory.

As a filter press operator, you understand the need to fill the press correctly. These pump skids are designed specifically for filter presses and to be run in a filter press environment. Our design extends the life of the pump and filter press which means less cost for maintenance over the life of the equipment.

We make several standard sized pump skids, but we also build custom skids for customers.

You can always add a pump skid to an existing filter press. But the best way to get the best price on a pump skid is to specify it at the time of the filter press order. That way the filter press and the pump skid will both be specified to your process and built at the same time then shipped directly to you. 

Pump skids are plug and play to an existing filter press, and as part of a new filter press order. A system without a pump skid runs the risk of an uncalibrated pump feeding slurry into your filter press at the wrong rate which could affect the efficiency and performance of your filter press.








 Pump Skids With Control Panels


 Standard Pump Skid Configuration

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