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Capital Orders - With A New Press

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Aftermarket - Adding Accessories To Your Existing Press(es)

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Filter Press Accessories

From material handling solutions to safety features Evoqua's filter presses can be ordered with any number of accessories to make your process much easier.

Accessories are not limited to the images shown here.

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If you already own dewatering equipment from Evoqua, find all your parts online and request service, too! Sign up for our ToolDOX Portal and get all your serialized information securely on our portal. We have manuals and more for the following brands of filter presses and dryers: JWI, Siemens, USFilter, Passavant, Perrin, IPM, CPC, Edwards & Jones, Wallace & Tiernen, Envirex, Stranco, Sernatech and J-Mate.

Standardized Feed Pumps

We offer 3 types of feed pumps, mounted to skids, configured to your filter press. They are the Simplex, Duplex and Triplex feed pump systems. Below is an image of the Simplex feed pump system. Visit our Feed Pump Page Here.


We have a wide variety of dumpsters available, and we can build them configured to your specific filter press.


We can create chutes to the exact width of your filter press, in order to discharge into supersacks. We also create your platforms and conveyors for convenient material handling.


Evoqua Water Technologies can design and build a platform to provide easy access to your filter press, general dewatering, or any other equipment. We create platforms that are small, as seen below, to multi-storey, multi-tiered, multi-staired platforms configured to your manufacturing and process needs. We even have varying types of coatings which are painted on the platforms that withstand different kinds of environments.


We design and engineer the most efficient ways of conveying your waste away from your process. We create conveyors as a material handling solution for your cakes or other waste product.

Drip Trays

We can create drip trays for any number of filter press sizes. We can even make them out of different materials depending on your application. Hi acid applications may need a Niclad coating or we make drip trays out of nylon - both examples are below.


Cloth Washers

Keeping your filter cloths clean is an essential part of keeping your filter press up and running and your specific application going smoothly. This is especially true if the filter cake itself is your end product. If your cloths are dirty your filter press may go out of square and will move out of alignment.

We have 14" and 42" spatulas you'll need to discharge your filter cake.
Air hammer - Applying a gasketed filter cloth with an air hammer is far easier and more cost effective than doing it by hand.

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