JWI Filter Press - New Equipment and Parts

Evoqua is the OEM for JWI, USFilter, Perrin, Siemens and other brands of filter presses. For 40 years Evoqua has provided new equipment, spare parts and replacement parts and best-in-class service for these dewatering brands.

 J-Press filter press by JWI

Evoqua's JWI® J-Press® filter presses have been the industry leader in dewatering for over 40 years. In any process that requires a separation between liquid and solid suspension, Evoqua has been setting the standard.


From conventional industrial waste sludge to high solids mineral processing applications, we have equipment to meet your dewatering needs. Additionally, Evoqua can engineer a turnkey dewatering system, as well as customize cost-effective preventive maintenance and support programs for your specific equipment, application, and environment.

You have come to the right place for spare parts for JWI filter presses, replacement parts for JWI, Siemens, USFilter, Passavant, Perrin, IPM and other brands of filter presses, and parts for dryers including the JWI brand J-MateTM Dryer. We also carry an extensive selection of filter press cloths and filter press plates of all sizes for most applications. We have filter press plates for mining applications as well as for other markets and applications. We also carry filter press cloths to meet your exact application.


Whether you need a new J-Press overhead filter press or a J-Press sidebar filter press or an MC Press for mining we have original eqipment as well as replacement parts for these filter presses and more. Evoqua is the Original JWI filter press manufacturer. We even carry filter press accessories like cloth washers, drip tray, air blow, air hammers, spatulas and much more.



2-minute video! Evoqua builds industrial filter presses and some of them are monsters! Huge industrial filter presses that separate solids from liquid in all manner of manufacturing processes from metal finishing in the automotive industry, to separating pollutants from a slurry for power plants.

On site staff design and customize filter presses for each customer and their application.

We build by hand. In the USA. Call us and see what we can build for you!

We build our equipment for all sizes and configurations to meet a customer's application and dewatering needs. From 450mm to 1200mm filter presses, gasketed and non-gasketed filter plates and cloths, with any necessary accessories like drip trays, cloth washers and more, we tailor each filter press, and provide all parts and service.




Our blog on dewatering - Pressing Onward

Join us each week as we offer tips, tricks and other great info on how to make the most of your filter press equipment.

How can you tell if your filter press needs service? How do you know which parts to order? How should you adjust your press for specific applications? Or...how can you determine what type of press to get in the first place?

Our blog is designed to answer all of those questions, so please read Pressing Onward and learn more!


See what other brands we sell and service.

 Other brands we sell and service

​Evoqua's roots lie in over 40 years of providing solutions for all dewatering applications. These brands have contributed to the legacy of Evoqua and they are an essential part of our heritage. We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for these trusted filter press brands:

​JWI®  ​USFilter® Siemens 

CPC​Edwards & Jones Envirex®

Applications for filter presses range from industrial waste sludge, lime softening residuals, high solids mineral processing, to high-tech circuit washing and more. Whatever your dewatering needs Evoqua has the necessary equipment. We even carry mobile and portable filter presses. Our filter presses are designed to be fully automatic, running lights-out, with automatic plate shifters and clother washers, or manually with manned plate shifters.

In addition to the equipment itself, Evoqua can customize a cost-effective preventative maintenance program for your application. Like a traditional health checkup, a customized maintenance program will extend the life of your equipment and save you significant replacement costs.

This range of products for which we are either the OEM or that we service are part of a rich history of JWI and its acquisitions that make our dewatering portolio the best in the industry. Read about our other brands here.

Evoqua's filter presses are involved in processes such as industrial waste streams, sludge dewatering, food and beverage processes, concrete gray water reclamation, stone cutting and many others.