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Repair Rebuild Refurbish

Evoqua Water Technologies offers equipment rebuild services designed to restore your dewatering equipment to its original performance level

​filter press - repair, refurbish and rebuild with the industry's best parts and personnel

​Your filter press was originally designed to deliver specific results under difficult conditions. Performance degradation during the past 5, 10 or even 20 years means you may not be achieving those results:

  • Your cake solids are not as dry
  • Your effluent is not as clear
  • Your throughput is lower
  • Your maintenance costs are higher



Here is how the program works:

Recommended: sign up for our ToolDOX Portal. You can find parts and request information online.

Step 1. Equipment Inspection

A site evaluation and analysis of your equipment and process is performed by a trained technician.

Step 2. Recommendation

A complete report is prepared on equipment performance along with recommended repairs and upgrades.

Step 3. Proposal

A proposal is submitted that outlines parts and service required for the improvements.

Step 4. Execution

Service is completed along with a review of upgraded equipment operation.

Performance Improvements

Rebuild offers performance enhancements for most all types of dewatering equipment including:


The ever-increasing production and disposal costs means you're losing money. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

Evoqua Equipment Rebuild service is designed to restore your dewatering equipment to its original performance level and also offers options to optimize your system with technological improvements. Rebuild is cost effective alternative to replacement; you can work within your budget and still retain the value that resides in your equipment.

Your Rebuild may be as simple as repairing hydraulic components and refitting your filter press with new plates and cloths, and expanding your filter press for increased capacity.


What does it cost NOT to Rebuild?

  • More maintenance and labor

  • More downtime

  • Increased chemical consumption

  • More frequent parts replacement

  • Higher disposal and hauling costs

  • Compromised safety

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