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OEM JWI Parts, Upgrades - Filter Plates, Filter Cloths, Hydraulics

Parts for JWI, J-Mate Dryers, IPM, Perrin and other filter presses. Gasketed, non-gasketed filter press plates and cloths, hydraulics Evoqua will provide dewatering parts and service. We also schedule preventive maintenance and health checks.

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If you're looking for parts for your filter press or dryer find them online using our new, secured ToolDOX portal! Based on the serial number(s) of your own equipment, you'll get your O&M manuals, exploded-view drawings, all updated information related to your dewatering equipment. Live parts lookup and parts & service RFQ built in! We have manuals and more for the following brands of filter presses and dryers: JWI, Siemens, USFilter, Passavant, Perrin, IPM, CPC, Edwards & Jones, Wallace & Tiernen, Envirex, Stranco, Sernatech and J-Mate.

Evoqua carries the best parts at the best price, with the best service in the filter press industry.

We have spare parts from the original specifications for filter press brands including JWI, Siemens, USFilter, Passavant, Edwards & Jones, Perrin, IPM, CPC, Wallace & Tiernen and more. We stock or can re-create spare and replacement filter press parts for all listed filter press brands, and service your dewatering equipment as well!

Whether you need replacement parts for or a wholly upgraded filter press hydraulic system, new filter press cloths or filter press plates, Evoqua can meet your specific parts needs. We have gasketed and non-gasketed filter cloths, and gasketed and non-gasketed filter plates, for all dewatering applications. We also carry spare and replacement parts for the J-Mate Dryer by JWI, polyblend equipment, belt presses and belt presses. Call one of our customer representatives below!

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 We Have Your Original Specifications

Because we are the original manufacturer of the filter press brands listed below, we have all the original drawings, specifications, O&M manuals and parts.

  • JWI
  • CPC
  • Passavant
  • Perrin
  • Sernatech
  • Siemens
  • Envirex
  • Sernagiotto
  • IPM
  • Stranco
  • Wallace & Tiernan
  • Edwards & Jones

 Filter Press Parts and Systems


Filter Press Filter Plates and Cloths
CGR (Gasketed Plates), NG  (Non-Gasketed Plates), OEM supplier of filter plates to your original specifications. Head Plate, Intermediate Plate, Tail Plate, Backup Plate, 25 mm, 32mm, and 40 mm Chamber, Polypropylene, 7bar (100psi), 16bar (250 psi operating pressure), High Volume Plates, Plate and Frame Plates, Plate Handles, O-rings, and Gasket material.

To learn more about Filter Press Filter Plates click here.

To learn more about Evoqua's Filter Press Cloths, click here.


J-Press Plate Shifters

The shifter is rolled into position and activated by the operator. The plate separator is pneumatically lifted between the filter plate handles, then pushes the plate allowing the cake to fall. OEM supplier of replacement components to your original specifications.

To learn more about Evoqua's Plate Shifters for filter presses click here.



J-Mate Dryer Repairs and Service

We service and provide all parts for J-Mate Dryers. Our field sales team will repair a J-Mate Dryer on-site with OEM parts.

Make sure you're achieving maximum savings by keeping your J-Mate Dryer in optimum operating conditions. Evoqua offers you OEM replacement parts that can return your J-Mate Dryer to its original capacity for higher throughput and drier, lighter solids. Visit the J-Mate Dryer Page here.


J-Press Air Module

OEM supplier of original replacement components; spool valve, regulator, air filter regulator, filter cartage replacement, muffler, cartage replacement, replacement plastic, stainless steel tubing, and complete module assemblies.


 To learn more about J-Press Air Modules click here.

Cloth Washers

Filter press cloth washers are available as optional equipment on J-Press sidebar models 1000mm and larger, and on all J-Press overhead presses. They can be equipped with a skid-mounted, high-pressure pump.


Filter Press Tools and Gaskets
  • Filter cloth installation equipment; air hammer, replacement head, pounding wedge.
  • Filter plate gasket material; EPDM and Viton material available, various sizes of pre-made O-rings, 100' cord stock gasket.
  • Filter plate cake removal scraper; spatula 14" handle, Spatula 40" handle and replacement heads.


Material Handling Solutions

Dumpsters are equipped with casters and self-dumping forklift mount. Various sizes that fit under your existing press or dryer. OEM supplier of original replacement components; swivel casters, ridged caster, pull pin and dumpster straps.


 To learn more about Material Handling Solutions click here.

Filter Press Feed and Discharge

Evoqua is the original equipment manufacturer of replacement components; PVC, CPVC, and stainless steel center feed pipe assemblies, liner pipes, lock nuts, cloth retaining nut, PVC CPVC ball valves, butterfly valves, elbows, air blow down piping and valves.


Safety Features

J-Press safety features depend on model, size and working flow. Features are included as original equipment or aftermarket upgrades. These features include: Light Curtain, Safety Interlocks, Splash Curtain, Safety Guard and Pendant Hand Control