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OEM Filter Press and Dewatering Parts and Field Services

Evoqua Water Technologies owns the following filter press brands: JWI, Passavant, Perrin,  IPM, Envirex, Sernatech, Sermagiotto, Siemens, Wallace & Tiernan and Edwards & Jones. We also repair and provide OEM parts for J-MATE Dryers.

When it comes to filter presses we are the original equipment manufacturer for these trusted brands: JWI, Passavant, Perrin, IPM, Envirex and Siemens. We have all the original drawings, schematics, part numbers, serial numbers and history for the filter press brands listed above. Plus, we can repair, refurbish or rebuild any filter press regardless of brand.

For all of your parts and services please find your Account Representative below:

​Diane Van Dyke
Southeast US, Northeast US

Steve Weeks
Western US, Canada, Latin America
​ ​ ​ ​

 We own these filter press brands: JWI, CPC, Perrin, Siemens, Sernatech, Envirex, Sernagiotto, IPM, Stranco, and Wallace & Tiernan.

We have all the original drawings, specifications, blueprints and serial numbers for these trusted filter press brands.

And...we can repair, refurbish and rebuild any filter press and dryer regardless of brand. No one can do dewatering better than Evoqua Water Technologies.

  • Filter press accessories
  • Filter press plates
  • Filter press cloths
  • Filter press hydraulic systems
  • Filter press plate shifters
  • Filter press air modules
  • Filter press material handling solutions
  • We also provide parts for, and service dewatering dryers including the J-Mate Dryer by JWITM

From gasketed and non-gasketed filter plates and filter cloths for all dewatering needs, to modularized hydraulic systems, J-Press plate shifters, J-Press air modules and material handling solutions, we've got you covered.

J-Mate Dryer Repairs and Service

We service and provide all parts for J-Mate Dryers. Our field sales team will repair a J-Mate Dryer on-site with OEM parts.

Make sure you're achieving maximum savings by keeping your J-Mate Dryer in optimum operating conditions. Evoqua offers you OEM replacement parts that can return your J-Mate Dryer to its original capacity for higher throughput and drier, lighter solids. Visit the J-Mate Dryer Page here.


To learn more about J-Mate Dryer maintenance click here

Call Mike Miller to set up a regular maintenance schedule! 616-748-7612.


Our exclusive multi-point health inspection and services recommendations are designed for Evoqua, Siemens, USFilter, JWI and Perrin filter presses.

  • Is your cake not getting dry like it used to?
  • Is your cycle time getting longer and less efficient?
  • Are your hydraulics leaking on the floor?

Call Mike Miller at 844-683-2128 or email him at Mike.Miller@evoqua.com

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