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Modularized Hydraulic Closure Systems

Available with either pneumatic or electric power, the modular power pack delivers up to 5,000 psi of hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic cylinder.

The unit automatically compensates for thermal expansion and contraction of the filter pack due to changes in process temperature.

​Designed to minimize power consumption, the OEM power pack features color-coded connections for quick and easy removal and replacement during service and maintenance. The M21 and M71 pumps and associated components are fully enclosed in a steel cabinet for protection from contamination and accidental damage, yet are easily accessible for maintenance through the full width cabinet door.

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 portable hydraulic unit

What happens when the hydraulics on your filter press stop working? If your press is in a mining application, it might cost you thousands of dollars per hour of downtime. That's when you need a portable hydraulic unit, like this one. Check out the video:




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