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Material Handling Solutions

Configured to accommodate a wide range of material handling systems

The J-Press® filter press installation can be configured to accommodate a wide range of material handling systems for discharged cake. Dumpsters, equipped with casters and self-dumping forklift mounts are the most common method for smaller presses. The drum disposal system, also for smaller presses, allows easy removal of discharged cake. This system includes a series of chutes that catch the filter cake as it falls from the press and directs it into 55-gallon (200L) drums. The J-Press® filter press is typically mounted on a platform, with catwalks, railings and stairs.



Evoqua-small-dumpster.jpg  Evoqua-Large-J-Press-Driptrays.jpg

 Solutions Catered to Your Specific Needs

For larger presses, or presses that require transfer to downstream drying systems, Evoqua can engineer a belt or screw conveyance as an integrated component of your process configuration. Roll-off container and truck-loading systems are also available. Your Evoqua representative works closely with you to design, install and support the most efficient handling system for your specific needs.