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MC® Press Filter Press for the Mining Industry

Evoqua's IPM MC Press filter press offers unique design features and a simplified operation. The MC® Press Filter Press achieves the driest filter cakes and provides a "lights-Out" operation.

The MC Press Filter Press from Evoqua is one of the most versatile dewatering devices for use in high solids filtration applications which is designed and manufactured under the strictest ISO 9011:2008 quality management system. With unique design features and a simplified operation, it can achieve the driest filter cakes with or without diaphragm squeeze. The MC Press® filter press provides high cake discharge consistency, low cake moisture content and superior reliability coupled with greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

The MC Press is utilized in the mining industry to process tailings and mineral concentrates in every environment,


Watch us build an MC Press filter press in under 2 minutes!

including the most rugged environments at the highest, driest altitudes. Evoqua also offers the J-Press filter press by JWI designed specifically for the Merrill-Crowe process for gold mines.

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 Design Features and Advantages

 Cloth Wash System

Feature: All cloths can be washed after every cake discharge cycle - or as frequently as is needed.

Advantage: Extends cloth life and improves press operation by cleaning the sealing surfaces between plates preventing production losses.


Cake Discharge Monitoring System (Optional)

Feature: Photoelectric beam checks to determine that all cloths are in raised position when press is fully open.

Advantage: Insures that all cakes have discharged from the press before proceeding with the next cycle.


Plate Travel Assembly (S & D Models)

Feature: The press is opened and closed by a simple mechanical drive system that is easy to understand and maintain.

Advantage: Reduced maintenance costs. No special tools or specialized maintenance training required.


Spring-Supported Cloth Bars

Feature: Cloths move down as cakes are discharged. Cakes shear from cloths when cloth support bars reach the end of their travel.

Advantage: 2-minute cloth changeout. Proven to be the most reliable method of filter cake discharge.


Vibration Bars

Feature: Act as a backup to the primary cake discharge system. Activated when cake discharge monitoring system detects that one or more cakes have not discharged.

Advantage: Assists with filter cake discharge if process conditions change and cakes become sticky.


Linked Filter Plates

Feature: The dewatered filter cakes are quickly discharged as the press opens.

Advantage: Shorter cycle times and greater throughput.

Press Frame

Feature: Can be provided with capacity for additional filter plates.

Advantage: Press can be easily upgraded at minimal cost for greater throughput in the future.

Filter Plates

 Feature: Lightweight polypropylene with excellent corrosion resistance. Replaceable wear components in critical areas.

Advantage: Extended plate life and lower operating costs.

Hydraulic Clamping Cylinders

Feature: Maintains proper clamping force during the press cycle. Cylinders are rugged and easy to maintain.

Advantage: Maintenance costs are minimized.


Diverter Doors

Feature: Close to prevent wash water from entering the cake transport system. Open to allow discharge of cake. Rugged, heavy duty design, automatic operation.

Advantage: Prevents cloth wash water from re-wetting filter cakes after discharge. Minimal maintenance, no operator requirement.


Wash Troughs

Feature: Channel wash water from the diverter doors to a drain. V" bottom with flush nozzles located at each end to prevent solids buildup.

Advantage: Reduces maintenance requirements to clean out clogged troughs.














 Industry-Leading Mining Dewatering Technology

Improved Uptime, Efficiency and Costs

  • The driest cake — minimizes handling and processing costs
  • The clearest liquid effluent — suitable for reuse, improves water conservation
  • Reliable performance and very high uptime — reduces operating costs
  • Durable robust design and construction — minimizes maintenance costs


Flexible Products for Every Mining Application

Evoqua provides efficient and cost effective dewatering solutions for a full range of mining applications, with unique features to suit your individual needs. Our MC Press® filter press is a high speed, fully automated solution, ideally suited for applications that dewater quickly and require high throughput.

 Typical applications include:

  • Mineral concentrates
  • Tailings
  • Other high throughput, rapid dewatering applications


Merrill Crowe Process

With over 100 installations worldwide, the J-Press® filter press is the preferred choice for Merrill Crowe filtration processes. Since our first Merrill Crowe installation in 1988, Evoqua has been building presses specifically designed for the precise requirements of this critical application. In order to provide the optimal filter press to meet your specific needs, we offer multiple choices for customization, including:

  • Systems ranging from completely manual to fully automated
  • Flexible press and plate sizes to suit any installation flow requirement
  • Your choice of plate styles
  • Plate and frame for use with filtration papers
  • Recessed chamber for use with precoat cloths
  • A full range of ancillary support equipment, including precoat systems, feed pumps conveyors and control system


Maximum Process Efficiency - Dedicated Solutions for the Mining Industry

Evoqua delivers the highest quality and most reliable filter press dewatering solutions to the mining industry. Our unrivaled experience and portfolio of products deliver the highest performance and return on investment — improving your operating efficiency and enhancing your competitive advantage. Our presses are known world wide for their precision engineering, rugged construction and reliable operation. Backed by a dedicated staff of dewatering professionals, our global technical support and service capabilities will make sure that you achieve the longest life and lowest cost of operation for your press. With thousands of installations around the world, you can trust Evoqua to take care of all your dewatering needs.


Built to the Highest Standards

Designed and manufactured under the strictest ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, filter presses from Evoqua provide solutions specifically for your unique mining application. Whether you require higher solids throughput for mineral concentrates, tailings, or a high rate filtration application, we have a high performance filter press in our portfolio for you.


Higher Throughput from Faster, Automated Cycles

With a mineral concentrate press cycle of 8–12 minutes depending on the model and number of plates, the MC Press® filter press provides an exceptionally high throughput rate. Feed times typically range from 1.5–2.5 minutes, with filter plates linked together accordion-style for rapid cake discharge. These efficiencies allow the press to complete as many as 150 cycles per day without interruption. The MC Press filter press also benefits from a complete automation and instrumentation package, eliminating the need for an operator. A feed flow meter and pressure transmitter indicate press fill completion, and load cells determine the solids production rate while controlling moisture during cake air blow.   

Backup Cake Discharge Mechanism

The MC Press filter press employs a dual system to ensure discharge of all dewatered filter cakes. Filter cloths suspended by spring-supported bars are pulled down by the weight of the filter cake, stopping suddenly at the end of their travel, and shearing the cake from the cloths. The springs then return the bars to their normal raised position. Should the cakes fail to discharge, the cloth support bar remains in the lowered position. After a photo-eye verification of the discrepancy, a vibration bar engages it to ensure complete filter cake discharge. If the cloth support bar continues to remain in the lowered position, the press cycle stops and an alarm sounds, ensuring the press does not operate with cakes remaining in their filter chambers. As a critical step to ensure maximum cloth life and proper press sealing, a cloth wash system removes all remaining solids after each cake discharge cycle.

Three Frame Designs to Match Your Capacity Requirements

The MC Press® filter press is available in three unique frame designs, with plate sizes of 1.5 m x 1.5 m and 1.5 m x 2.0 m. All are available in a range of cake thickness and operating pressures to meet a wide variety of applications and production requirements. Each press can be further customized with either recessed chamber or membrane squeeze plates depending on your individual needs.


H Model

The H model incorporates a single, long stroke, hydraulic cylinder to close and clamp the plate stack and move the plates for cake discharge. Plates are linked together, allowing the filter cakes to discharge simultaneously as the press is pulled open by the hydraulic cylinder. The H model is available with up to 50 filter chambers for a throughput capacity of up to 65 tonnes/hour on a typical mineral concentrate.



S Model

The S model incorporates four short stroke hydraulic cylinders to clamp the plate stack and a plate traveler mechanism to retract the follower. Plates are moved by a mechanical chain drive system and are linked together, allowing the filter cakes to discharge as the press is pulled open by the drive assembly. The S model is available with up to 64 filter chambers for a throughput capacity of up to 90 tonnes/hour on a typical mineral concentrate.



D Model

 Ideal for larger operations, the D model incorporates many of the same features as the S model, with four short stroke hydraulic cylinders, a mechanical drive system for cake discharge, and linked plates. Both ends of the D model press move simultaneously, further increasing efficiency by speeding cake discharge. The D model is available with up to 130 filter chambers for a throughput capacity of up to 170 tonnes/hour on a typical mineral concentrate.

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