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J-Press® Overhead Filter Press

State-of-the-Art Filter Press engineered to meet your specific dewatering application needs

The J-Press® Overhead Filter Press from Evoqua Water Technologies is an efficient means of dewatering. Available in sizes up to 2 meters, this state-of-the art filter press can be engineered to meet your specific dewatering application. The J-Press Overhead Filter Press offers the most advanced automation available. The J-Press line of Overhead Filter Presses continues to set the benchmark for system efficiency, with versatile, high performance solutions.


 Exceptional Performance In Compression Or Tension Design

The workhorse of high volume dewatering, J-Press® Overhead Filter Presses incorporate proven technologies in compression and tension designs. Both bear the J-Press hallmark: exceptional performance under the most demanding applications, ease of use and minimal maintenance. In short, J-Press is engineered to deliver your greatest return on investment.

J-Press delivers high cake solids and clear filtrate, even with difficult alum sludge in municipal water production. Its solid, heavy steel construction is enhanced by intelligent design that permits easy access to all plates and operating parts. Available in a wide range of capacities and with feed pressures up to 20 bar, J-Press may be configured to your specifications for press filling, plate technology, dewatering, cake discharge, automation and takeaway. J-Press can adapt to different dewatering requirements, often with minimal change over, making it ideal for the flexibility often required in industrial processing. Available with comprehensive options, J-Press is designed to accommodate future expansions and continuous system improvements.




 features and benefits

  • Maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant rollers used on both plates and follower 

  • Variable speed shifter minimizes press cleaning time for more cycles per day 

  • Optional stainless steel wear strips on overhead beams at wheel contact points of suspension brackets assure long service life 

  • Easy access to filter plates — for manual or automatic cake removal, inspection and cloth servicing 

  • Plate suspension brackets designed to provide parallel plate movement and nesting without any swaying or skewing during shifting 

  • Plate shifter tightly nests plates and maintains consistent opening space from end to end 

  • Automatic latching mechanism ensures shifting of only one plate at a time
  • Integrated circuits hydraulic technology provides exceptional press performance under a wide range of temperature, slurry and pressure requirements
  • Air blowdown manifold aids in cake release while assuring maximum cake dryness and removal of residual filtrate
  • Complete PLC capability for automatic sequencing of all press functions
  • Adaptive Process Control results in consistently higher cake solids and shorter cycle times




 Heavy Duty Engineering and Automation

Overhead Frame Designs

The J-Press® Overhead Filter Press is available in two different frame designs with plate sizes ranging from 1.2 m x 1.2 m to 2.0 m x 2.0 m. The overhead compression close filter press and the overhead tension close filter press each offer fully automatic operation. Their unique construction features make these large presses the best solution when balancing the requirements of the application with economies of the project.



Overhead Compression Close

A single hydraulic cylinder keeps the filter pack closed while in the compression stroke. Filter plates are suspended by hangers from the overhead beam flange.



• Slightly smaller footprint than tension close

 • More robust, heavy-duty frame construction than sidebar machines, accepts more chambers

• Overhead plate shifting minimizes cake contamination of shifter components

• Hydraulic cylinder mount and fixed head connected at four points for a more rigid base frame construction than sidebar machines

 • Single overhead shifter mechanism reduces complexity of design • No side rail interference allows full accessibility to the filter plates


Overhead Tension Close

Hydraulic cylinders on all four corners keep the filter pack closed while in the tension stroke. Filter plates are suspended by hangers from the overhead beam flange.



• Four hydraulic closing cylinders, positioned at the corners, give even distribution of closing load over sealing surfaces

• Each filter press offers only static loading to foundations (no dynamic load as with compression close machines) thereby making building design or steelwork simpler and less expensive

• Because the closing load is balanced between the four hydraulic cylinders these presses can be used with maximum number of chambers

• Evoqua is one of a limited number of experienced manufacturers for this style of filter press

Choice Of Filter Plates For Optimum Performance

The J-Press Overhead Filter Press can be furnished with different types of filter plates, each produced specifically for your application. Corrosion resistant polypropylene plates are available in the following styles — gasketed or non-gasketed, recessed chamber plates, diaphragm squeeze plates, or filter plate and frame. Steel reinforced rubber molded (SRRM) filter plates are available in both a replaceable diaphragm and recessed chambered design. Based on a carbon steel core completely encased in molded rubber, these plates are strong enough to withstand the most arduous filtration processes and differential pressures.

Filter cloths are available in a wide variety of materials and weave patterns and are specifically selected to fit your application and desired results.



Diaphragm Squeeze Plates For Higher Solids And Reduced Cycle Time

When requirements call for dry filter cake, Evoqua diaphragm plate technology produces consistently high cake solids with potentially shorter cycle time. At the optimum point of the filtration cycle, the press feed pump is stopped and the sludge inlet valve closed. Air or water pressure
is then applied behind the flexible diaphragm to squeeze the cake in each chamber. J-Press diaphragm squeeze plates are available with full washing and air blowing facilities and internal or external drainage systems.


Faster, More Precise Plate Shifting

Designed for optimum performance under a wide range of operating conditions, the Automatic Variable Speed Shifter makes short work of plate separating and cake removal. The variable speed function permits the operator to fine-tune the shift speed to the application, resulting in a highly efficient cake discharge cycle. Fore and aft plates are tightly nested, maintaining a sufficient cleaning space between the chambers for manual or automatic cake removal. This automatic plate locking mechanism assures that only one plate is moved, eliminating any chance of accidental or out of sequence cake discharge. This shifter is located in the overhead beam system, out of the way of falling filter cake or slurry contaminants.


System Design and Integration

The Large Capacity J-Press® Overhead Filter Press is world renowned for its ability to discharge the driest possible solids and the highest clarity filtrates. Our large selection of filter elements and filter media combined with the availability of fully automatic operation give you a versatile choice of sludge dewatering devices. In addition to the filter press, Evoqua can provide all of your system component needs and, in general, all the equipment required to form a complete and functional sludge dewatering system, including:

  • Polymer and chemical addition systems
  • Sludge thickening and storage tank
  • Wastewater transfer and filter press feed pumps
  • Filter cake transport conveyors


Through years of experience and technical expertise, Evoqua understands what equipment is required to produce high filter cake solids with minimal chemical usage, energy and labor requirements. From individual components to complete dewatering systems, Evoqua is committed to serving your slurry dewatering systems needs with unparalleled support and uncompromising quality.


Back By Years of Manufacturing Expertise

Evoqua has the expertise and engineering capabilities to manufacture filter presses to meet the demands of your particular operation. Adaptability to applications, processes and capacities is the underlying value of J-Press Overhead Filter Press features, many of which include:

  • Full range of capacities: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.5m x 2m, 2m x 2m
  • Compression or Tension Closure
  • Low and high pressure: 100 psi (7 bar), 225 psi (16 bar), higher pressure available – consult factory
  • Standard plate packs:
    • Non-Gasketed Plates
    • Gasketed Plates
    • SRRM Plates
    • Diaphragm Plates
    • Diaphragm Squeeze Manifold
  • Open/Closed Filtrate Discharge
  • Control Systems:
    • Automatic Closure
    • (Electric/Hydraulic)
    • PLC Controls
    • Expanded System PLC Controls
    • Hyd. Clamp Pressure/Feed Pump Interlock
    • Hyd. Control System/Press Pressure Interlock
    • Hyd. Clamp Pressure/Squeeze System Interlock
  • Manifolds:
    • PVC Feed/Discharge Manifold
    • Stainless Steel Feed/Discharge Manifold
    • Core Blow Down
    • Double End Feed
    • Cake Wash
  • Cloth Wash
  • Expansion Piece
  • Chain Driven Fully Automatic Shifter
  • Safety:
    • Splash Curtain
    • Safety Guard
    • Safety Light Curtains
    • Deadman Control Button
  • Material handling:
  • Custom Filter Cake Conveyor System
  • Platform, Roll-off Container Systems
  • Manual Drip Trays
  • Automatic Drip Trays
  • Complete system:
    • Clarification/Thickening
    • Feed Pump
    • Pretreatment
    • Bio Solids Handling
    • Plant Control and Feedback


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