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J-Power Portable Hydraulic Unit

Evoqua's Dr. D explains the features and benefits of our portable hydraulic unit - primarily it keeps your dewatering process up and running while your hydraulics are under repair. Priceless.
​This episode features Evoqua’s portable hydraulic unit. It runs your filter press if your hydraulics are down.

This unit is critical if it’s costing your company thousands of dollars each hour your equipment isn’t running.

Processes that have critical uptime include mining applications including the Merrill Crowe process and other mineral concentrate processes.

Dr. D provides the features and benefits of the new J-Powertm Evoqua portable hydraulic unit. This unit is available to rent or to own.

Evoqua designs and manufactures standard-setting filter presses, and has for 40 years.

We are the OEM for JWI(R), USFIlter, Siemens, Perrin, Passavant, IPM (MC Presses) and Envirex filter presses. That means we have every part number and drawing from all of those filter press brands.

More information at www.evoqua.com/JWIservice. ​

Even if you have dewatering equipment of other brands, we can repair and refurbish those, too.

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