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J-Power™ Mark V

The J-Power Mark V hydraulic system represents the fifth generation of air hydraulic systems designed for the J-Press™ filter press made by JWI®.

​new industry standard for hydraulics
safety and efficiency

For information call Mike Jager, Sr. Product Manager, (616) 772-9011 or email Mike.Jager@evoqua.com.

All of Evoqua's filter presses will be installed with updated hydraulic system re-designs falling under the family name of J-Power. The J-Power Mark V is one of these new design introductions, which will change the standard in the filter press industry.

The J-Power Mark V is the new standard air hydraulic system for Evoqua's J-Press filter presses and will replace existing hydraulic systems on small to medium-sized filter presses typically sized from 630 – 1200 mm.

The J-Power design efficiencies include new oil flow and air compression systems that respond more immediately to user commands. When the press operator stops the filter press, any residual air is exhausted allowing the press to come to an immediate stop. This is due to the updated air compression functionality.

Hydraulic fluids are also pumped differently depending on the specification of the filter press. These features make J-Power the safest and most efficient hydraulic design in the industry.

The benefits of the new hydraulic system include the ability to immediately stop all motion when the filter press operator stops the press, and for the oil flow design to keep any oil from seeping into other parts of the system regardless of circumstance.