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How Do I Change The Oil On My Filter Press

Evoqua's Dr D explains exactly how to change the oil on the hydraulics of your filter press. Hint: you don't need to crawl under it on your back! For more info call us at: (800) 245 - 3006.
​Welcome to Evoqua's Dr. D TV! In this episode we learn - quickly - how to change the oil on your filter press.

Dr. D explains the parts you need and type of oil to use. It's very easy to do and will save you maintenance costs down the road! Evoqua technicians can come to your site to help you with that, and a number of other dewatering maintenance issues, too! Just give us a call at: (800) 245 - 3006

Evoqua designs and manufactures standard-setting filter presses, and has for 40 years.

We are the OEM for JWI(R), USFIlter, Siemens, Perrin, Passavant, IPM (MC Presses) and Envirex filter presses. That means we have every part number and drawing from all of those filter press brands.

Even if you have dewatering equipment of other brands, we can repair and refurbish those, too.

Call today: (800) 245 - 3006
email: dewatering@evoqua.com


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