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Filter Press Plate Shifters

Evoqua manufactures filter presses, and plate shifters are an essential part of a press. Evoqua provides OEM parts and rebuilds on plate shifters and more.

​Evoqua Water Technologies manufactures the best, longest-lasting filter presses in the industry. Yet if they're not cared for properly they can fall into disrepair just like any other machine. The filter press goes through its cycle of separating solids from a slurry. At the end of the cycle the filter plates are separated - or shifted - to allow the filter cake to drop into a receptical. The plate shifter facilitates this process. Plate shifters assist filter press operators discharge filter cake from between the filter press plates.

Our filter press plate shifters must be maintained like any other piece of machinery. Evoqua offers manual plate shifters, semi-automatic plate shifters, and fully automatic plate shifters for filter presses of all sizes. Our MC Press filter presses for the mining industry even come with a shaker which facilitates the discharge of the filter cake. Our plate shifters even come with a pry bump, if specified, to help discharge the cake from the press each cycle.

We have extensive experience retrofitting our Evoqua plate shifters on other brands of filter presses. Our plate shifters and the accompanying systems are superior and are often found on other filter presses.

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This is a 1200MM J-Press. It has an automatic plate shifter, which is what you see here.
It was a broken plate shifter that prompted this customer to call Dr. D, the Filter Press Doctor. What he found was a lot of other problems - including that the press didn't work! He fixed it, of course!


Hydraulics are an integral part of many of the J-Press filter presses, and over time may be in need of repair. On fully automatic plate shifters, the hydraulics are connected to the cylinder and plate shifter. Learn more about our new J-Power hydraulic system.


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Filter press spatulas. We carry them in all sizes to adjust to the reach of the filter press operator. Simply ask our customer service representative for the size that best fits your needs.


Filter press hydraulic modules. If your plate shifter needs repair there's a chance your hydraulic module may need service as well. We carry all OEM parts for our brands of filter press. We also retrofit all other brands of filter presses with our hydraulic modules as well.


Many of our J-Press filter presses come with a semi-automatic plate shifter. That means a person walks the shifter down the line of filter plates and activates the shifter by a button or a thumb switch, as shown above.

Many of Evoqua's larger J-Press filter presses come with a fully automatic plate shifter. That means a lights-out operation for the facility where the process continues without human intervention until necessary.

Our line of MC Press Filter Presses for Mineral Concentrate mining have fully automatic plate shifters installed with a shaker to facilitate the discharge of the filter cake.

The filter press plate shifter takes a beating over time, and a lot can go wrong with it if it's not cared for properly. Its electrical system can be shaken apart or its hydraulics can develop leaks over the course of years of inattention. The shifter itself can become bent and even broken over a long period of time.