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Filter Press Plates

For slurry and sludge dewatering applications.

Separating solids from liquid is a process utilized in a myriad of industrial processes from metal finishing to battery recycling, paint, municipal power and many others. Cleaning your slurry effectively is dependent on combining the correctly-sized filter press with the proper fitting filter cloth and plates.

Filter press plates must be strong and oftentimes, corrosion-resistant. They must also be able to withstand extremely high pressures and high volumes (throughput) of slurry.

Expert staff in our state-of-the-art laboratory are essential in specifying the size of your filter press which also determines the size and type of filter press plate that goes with that press for your specific application. For example filter plates for a mining application are different from filter plates for a battery recycling process.

Corrosion resistant polypropylene plates are available in recessed chamber and diaphragm squeeze (membrane) designs. Diaphragm squeeze plates are also available with replaceable diaphragms made of PP, PVDF, Nylon or EPDM.

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 Which filter press plate is right for you?

Filter packs can be configured as full recessed packs for fixed volume filtration, full diaphragm squeeze packs for variable volume filtration or mixed packs where diaphragm squeeze plates alternate with recessed chamber plates for a cost-effective alternative to an all-diaphragm squeeze plate design.

  • Diaphragm (or membrane) plates feature flexible drainage surfaces that expand to exert additional pressure on the filter cake, further reducing moisture.

  • Plate and frame filter packs are available for polishing applications. Gasketed plates form a tight seal due to O-rings around the recessed chamber and filtrate discharge eyes, allowing for a virtually leak free operation

Gasketed filter cloth
Non-gasketed filter cloth
Cutaway of a head plate
​Frame for gasketed filter cloth

We have all standard sizes available
Gasketed filter plate with 4 stay bosses
We have whatever size filter plate you need - on site or to order
800 mm filter plates