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Evoqua Visits Customer Sites For Maintenance

Evoqua's Dr. D visits customer sites for filter press checkups and maintenance. From California to Chile and everywhere in between, Dr. D is the Filter Press Doctor*.
​Evoqua's Dr. D or another extremely qualified, industry-leading technician from Evoqua, will visit your site to do a filter press check up, or check other dewatering equipment at your site.

From California to one of our filter press doctors will make the trip to ensure your dewatering equipment is doing its job.

Evoqua designs and manufactures standard-setting filter presses, and has for over 40 years.

You can purchase filter cloths, filter plates and all other filter press parts directly from Evoqua.

We are the OEM if your filter press is designated JWI®, USFIlter®, Siemens, Perrin, Passavant, IPM (MC Press) and Envirex®. That means we have part numbers and drawings for these filter press brands.

Even if you have dewatering equipment of other brands, we can repair and refurbish those, too.

Right: Dr. D visits a mine in Chile with our Evoqua Technical Sales Manager from Santiago, Fernando Santana, far right.
*We refer to Dr D, although he's not an actual MD or Ph.D - he is a technical expert and first among equals!

Call today: (800) 245 - 3006
email: dewatering@evoqua.com

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