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Contact The Evoqua Dewatering Team

Our dewatering experts are here to answer your questions. We can provide consulting for new equipment, and parts to keep your existing system up and running.

For over 40 years Evoqua filter presses have been the market leader in providing solutions for our customer’s most demanding dewatering applications. With roots in the legacy brands of JWI, Perrin, Edwards & Jones, IPM and USFilter, Evoqua has an unparalleled range of filter press products from which to choose. Please use the following contact information to speak the Evoqua Water Technologies Sales, Aftermarket, and Service teams.


Mike Jager
Global Product Manager—Dewatering
Phone: 1.616.772.9011
email: mike.jager@evoqua.com
Diana Bryant
Technical Sales
Manager—Dewatering Western USA,
Canada & Rest of World
Mobile: 1.716-430-2313
email: diana.bryant@evoqua.com

Vic Van’t Hof

Technical Sales Manager—Dewatering
Eastern USA
Phone: 1.616-748-7611
Mobile: 1.616-212-0139
email: victor.vanthof@evoqua.com
Fernando Santana
Technical Sales Manager—Dewatering
Central & S. America & Mexico
Phone: 56-2-29070463
Mobile: 56-9-94226815
email: fernando.santana@evoqua.com

Jeff Webster
Applications Manager - Dewatering
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe
Phone: 1.616-772-9011
email: jeffery.webster@evoqua.com


Karen Schmitz
Aftermarket Sales —Dewatering 
Eastern USA
Mobile: 1.716-427-9832
email: karen.schmitz@evoqua.com

Mike Miller
Account Representative / MC Press Parts
email: michaelr.miller@evoqua.com

Steve Weeks

Sr. Account Representative
Midwest Territory
Direct: 616-748-7615
email: steve.weeks@evoqua.com
Diane Van Dyke
Account Representative
Southern Territory
Direct: 616-748-7616
email: diane.vandyke@evoqua.com


Jeff Chrispell
Field Service Manager
Direct: 1.616-748-7627
email: jeff.chrispell@evoqua.com