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IONPURE® Technologies: Continuous Electrodeionization

IONPURE was the first to commercialize continuous electrodeionization (CEDI). Discover all that CEDI has to offer you for your water purification needs.

 Mixed-Bed Deionization Vs. CEDI

​Discover the Difference of CEDI

What’s the difference between conventional mixed-bed deionization and CEDI? First and foremost, conventional deionization (DI) methods use bottles filled with resin. These bottles require maintenance in manners that our CEDI technology does not. With the traditional methods, you’re required to call a service provider to exchange the DI bottles regularly. Some companies choose to handle the regeneration of their DI bottles, which requires the use of expensive chemicals, as well as an extensive amount of time from a laborer.

Time is money. Therefore, you cannot afford to shut down operations to have your DI bottles exchanged. Nor should you worry about spending money on expensive chemicals to regenerate your bottles. Our CEDI modules eliminate the need. In addition, our technologies also eradicate the waste neutralization steps. It’s true that the upfront capital equipment costs are typically greater with continuous electrodeionization than the costs of the conventional DI systems. Once installed, however, you’ll see a drastic decrease in your operating costs because the system doesn’t require the use of regeneration chemicals, or the time and money associated with labor and maintenance.

​An introduction to CEDI

Evoqua Water Technologies has spent valuable time, energy, and resources to create a water treatment option that doesn’t use traditional mixed-bed deionization technologies. To put it simply, conventional ion exchange is a practical treatment option when high-flow and high-conductivity requirements aren’t critical. For other situations, CEDI is a cost-effective alternative.

So, what exactly is continuous electrodeionization by IONPURE? It’s a CEDI has transformed traditional EDI water treatment. The modules by IONPURE Technologies utilize resin, electricity, and ion exchange membranes to deionize water by separating the impurities from it. Most traditional water purification technologies and equipment utilize chemicals to complete the process. Our state-of-the-art technology, on the other hand, does not.

Many Modules, One Technology

Take advantage of the many benefits of CEDI technology. IONPURE technologies offers modules for a variety of applications. Below is a list of our product lines. If you're unsure of the CEDI module needed for your application, we encourage you to use our online-based projection software, IP-Pro Online. This tool is designed to calculate and predict the performance of our CEDI products:

IONPURE VNX CEDI ​Our high-flow VNX modules have been proven successful for optimizing performance for bulk deionization, power generation, and many other applications.
IONPURE LX CEDI ​Medium-flow modules designed for industrial, power, and other applications, the LX CEDI module offers a variety of industries unsurpassed performance and reliability.
IONPURE LabXT & MX CEDI ​The LabXT and MX CEDI modules are used time and time again for lower flow applications requiring ultrapure water.
​IONPURE Power Products ​Our DCR power rectifiers are designed to optimize system performance for IONPURE MX, LX, and VNX CEDI modules, as well as NEXED® EDR modules.



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