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​Nick Armstrong
Global Product Manager

IP-Pro Online

IP-Pro Online is the latest projection software for IONPURE CEDI modules. The online-based software features a variety of new features, including the ability to save and print projections and more. Register for your account today.

 More about IP-Pro Online

Introducing our online-based projection software 

IONPURE is no stranger to state-of-the-art technology. In fact, we're known for our superior CEDI products, which have transformed the way people deionize water. It's only fitting that we develop technology that helps our customers predict which of our high-quality products will best work for their needs. IP-Pro Online is the solution. Please keep in mind that IP-Pro V2.2.1 will no longer be supported.


 Using IP-Pro Online


 IP-Pro Online is unique projection software that allows users to calculate the performance of our modules based on the numbers you input for your anions, cations, flow rate, application type, and more. Simply edit the value of each field with your numbers, and our online projection software will determine which of our CEDI modules best suits your needs. 

 Features & Benefits

​Design - IP-Pro Online features a new, simplified design, which optimizes user interaction and experience.​Module Selection - IP-Pro Online is designed to help users determine which module(s) and quantities will best suit their deionization needs.
Online-Based Platform - Previously, users had to download the latest version of IP-Pro. The latest version is an online-based program that supports PC, MAC, and mobile devices. Power Calculator - IP-Pro Online includes a power calculator, which can estimate the startup current and voltage, as well as the estimated CEDI power consumption.
No Need to Download - Because the projection software is online based, there's no longer a need to download and install the program on your computer.  Print or Export Feature - Users now have the ability to print the suggestion and specifications as a PDF, or export it via Word or Excel to include in proposals.
​Input of Cations & Anions - The new feed water screen now allows you to switch between PPM as ION and ppm as CaCO3 easily and accurately.   ​​Save Feature - You can save your projects and access them at a later date.  


 Registration & Use

​IP-Pro Online: What You Need to KNow

Unlike previous versions of the IP-Pro software, IP-Pro Online requires users to register for a new account. Once you fill out the information on the registration screen and hit "submit," you will receive an email indicating that your registration was successful. You will receive a second email once your account has been approved. Once approved, you can log in with your username and password. You will be taken to the module feed water page. Here, you will need to name your project and select the application type (i.e., power, microelectronics, etc.). Fill in the values and click "next." You will then be taken to the module selection screen, where you can select to use the user-selected modules or IP-Pro-suggested modules. Fill in the values as you had done on the previous page and click "next." You will be taken to the output screen. The online version of IP-Pro also has a power calculator screen, which can be used to predict startup current and more. IP-Pro Online