Ion Exchange Water Softening Products

Ion exchange water softening products remove calcium and magnesium from hard water to produce softened water. Unlike hard water, softened water will not leave any residue or scale on things it comes in contact with.

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The process of ion exchange softening is completed using resin beads coated in sodium as a medium. The sodium of the resins attracts the ions of the minerals that harden the water. As the hard water flows through the mineral tank, the sodium ions, which line the sides of the tank, are replaced by the mineral ions that are in the water flow, thus removing those hard water minerals from the water, producing softened water. 

We offer various types of ion exchange water softening resins and systems so you can effectively achieve your water softening needs. ​

Featured Products and Services Description
Vantage PTC Softeners​FRP vessels with either brass or composite multi-port valve; up to 4 FRP vessels linked together
Vantage PTC Twin Softeners ​FRP vessels with one brass or composite multi-port valve sharing two vessels
Vantage PTI Low to Medium Flow Softeners ​Carbon Steel vessels controlled by an electro-mechanical multiport stager or Siemens / Allen Bradley PLC/HMI control system; vessel size from 24” diameter to 60” diameter
Vantage PTI High Flow Softeners​Carbon Steel vessels controlled by Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC/HMI control system; vessel size from 72” diameter to 120” diameter
FlexTrex® Deionization Systems Skid-mounted systems ideal for polishing raw water and RO permeate
Mobile Combination Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment Unit Self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with both pretreatment and reverse osmosis capabilities

Evoqua also offers a wide range of ion exchange resin services​ to help maintain your systems and eliminate the liabilities associated with spent resin handling and disposal. Our trained service technicians are available to provide services from more than 85 branch locations throughout North America.​