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Water One® Operating Contracts

Evoqua's Water One® operating contracts allow customers to focus on their core business while Evoqua takes responsibility for operation and maintenance of their water treatment system.
​With the vast array of technologies and treatment solutions available, more and more companies today are choosing to outsource their water treatment systems.  With Evoqua's Water One operating contracts, Evoqua designs, builds, installs and maintains the customer's on-site water system. Contracts have typical durations of five years. 

Evoqua evaluates and supplies the right technology and economic solution to meet the customer's process and treatment requirements.  Then, we assume complete operational responsibility for the water processing equipment, including parts replacement, instrument calibration, maintenance, data collection, and membrane cleaning.  
Companies that rely on outsourced water maintain strategic control of their operations, both now and in the future.


 Features and Benefits of Water One Operating Contracts

  • ​No customer capital investment - Evoqua finances the cost of the system components, maintenance, and labor. 
  • Guarantees for quality and quantity of treated water. 
  • Predictable, fixed monthly water expenses 
  • Ability to react quickly to changes in feed-water and output requirements 
  • Most current technology available 

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