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Steve Witt
Product Manager

Vantage® PTI High Flow Softeners

For Industrial Applications
Vantage®​ Pre-Treatment ​​Industrial (PTI) series softeners offer a flexible, reliable and feature-rich way to reduce hardness in your feed water. Minimize installation and startup times with our pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory-tested PTI softeners.​


 Product Configuration

Vantage PTI High Flow Softeners come in three models:

  • Plus (P) – Controlled by a user friendly touch screen HMI, PVC face piping and internals 
  • Deluxe (D) - Controlled by a user friendly touch screen HMI, 316L stainless steel face piping and PVC internals 
  • Select (S) - Controlled by a user friendly touch screen HMI, 316L stainless steel face piping and internals; hardness monitor comes standard with this model 

A brine pump skid is included with all high flow systems. A separate brine hub and radial for brine injection is part of each unit. The regeneration of the cation resin is accomplished via a co–current process through the separate brine hub and radial.

Each configuration is controlled by a main control panel with solenoid panels on the other vessels. These controls are either a Siemens or Allan Bradley PLC and HMI. Softeners are available in either PVC or 316L stainless steel face piping and internals. Vessel diameters range from 72” to 120” for high flow systems. Each softener contains cation resin shipped in sodium form.

The brine pump skid requires a customer-provided brine source, and the regeneration process is fully automated via the main control panel. Pumps for this skid are titanium to minimize rust and corrosion.  The Plus, Deluxe and Select models are available in five operational flow configurations depending on the number of vessels:​

  • Simplex Operation – Single vessel operation 
  • Duplex Alternating – One vessel on, one vessel in standby 
  • Parallel – All vessels working together 
  • 2 + 1 – Two vessels working and one vessel in stand by for back wash support 
  • Pro Flow – Two vessels working and the third vessel in standby, for when demand requires additional water from the third vessel 

 Features and Benefits

  • Separate source backwash option 
  • Adjustable drain line flow control
  • 2006 IBC seismic rating for anchorage 
  • Chlorine monitor option on Plus and Deluxe models​
  • Thermal pressure relief valve ​
  • Largest 120” system meets highway transportation requirements 
  • Larger 14” x 18” manway
  • ​96” and 120” vessels have a 14” x 18” manway on the side sheet 
  • ​3” sluice port ​​
  • Carbon steel – epoxy lined and coated vessels 
  • Fully automated backwash to save time and water usage 
  • Automated vent for easy start up 
  • Sight glass on drain line to minimize backwash water usage 
  • Fast delivery to meet demanding schedules ​​​
  • ​Titanium Grundfos pumps to minimize rust and corrosion
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