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Vantage® PTC Twin Softeners

For Commercial Applications
Vantage® PTC twin softeners for commercial applications offer a flexible, reliable and feature rich way to reduce the amount of hardness in the feed water by filtering the water through a cation resin bed. Softeners are necessary to remove hardness or calcium that can clog or minimize the effectiveness of other sensitive downstream devices, such as RO membranes or boilers.​


 Product Configuration

Systems are available in a twin configuration using a specialized valve where only one tank is in operation and the other is in standby.

The Vantage PTC twin softener vessel diameters start at 9” (23cm) and end at 24” (61cm). Each softener contains high capacity cation resin for this ion exchange process.

Vantage PTC twin softeners come in two models: 

  • Economy - Controlled by a digital controller and composite valve
  • Deluxe - Controlled by a digital controller and a lead free brass valve 

The Economy and Deluxe twin s​oftener models will only operate in the following flow:​

  • Simplex Operation - single vessel operation. Each twin softener will operate in a 1+1 or standby configuration.  When one tank has exhausted the resin bed it will regenerate with softened water which will provide higher quality regeneration. A system lockout is available. ​

 Features and Benefits

Regene​ration with softened waterProvides a higher quality regeneration while minimizing calcium leakage
24vac systems with UL and cUL listed transformersComplies with regulatory and safety requirements
Feature-rich digital controller for networked systemsOffers maximum operational flow and configuration flexibility to the customer
Tanks and valves and NSF/WQA* approvedRequires stringent testing for leaching of contaminates, providing a safe system
Corrosion-resistant fiberglass vesselsPrevents rust and increases longevity of rhte vessel

* NSF = National Science Foundation. WQA = Water Quality Association.

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