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Steve Witt
Product Manager

Vantage® PTC Multi-Media Filters

For Commercial Applications
Vantage® PTC series multi-media filters for commercial applications offer a flexible, reliable and feature-rich way to reduce the amount of suspended solids in feed water by filtering the water through a multi-layered filter bed. Multimedia filters are necessary to remove these suspended solids that can clog or minimize the effectiveness of other sensitive downstream devices.


 Product Configuration

Multi-media vessel diameters range from 10" (25.4cm) to 36" (91.5cm). Each multi-media filter contains anthracite, quartz and garnet filtration media.

Vantage PTC multi-media filters are available in three models: Economy, Plus, and Deluxe.

  • Economy - Controlled by a digital controller and composite valve
  • Plus - Controlled by mechanical time clock and a lead free brass valve
  • Deluxe - Controlled by a feature-rich digital controller and a lead free brass valve

The Deluxe models are available in four vessel configurations: Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quadplex. The deluxe models are then ​available in four operational flow configurations depending on the number of vessels:​​

  • Simplex Operation - single vessel operation
  • Duplex Alternating - one vessel on, one vessel in standby
  • Parallel - all vessels working together
  • X +1 - two or three vessels working and one vessel in stand by for back wash support

The Economy and Plus models will only operate in the following flows:​

  • Simplex Operation - single vessel operation. Multiple simplex units may be purchased to work together, however they will not function as one system as with the Deluxe model. A system lockout is available.

 Features and Benefits

Range of optional flow metersMaximize duration between regneration and minimize water usage
24vac systems with UL an​​d cUL listed transformersComplies with regulatory and safety requirements
Feature-rich digital controller for networked systemsOffers maximum operational flow and confi​​​guration flexibility to the customer
Tanks and valves and NSF/WQA* approvedRequires stringent testing for leaching of contaminates, providing a safe system
Corrosion-resistant fiberglass vesselsPrevents rust and increases longevity of the vessel

*NSF = NSF International
*WQA = Water Quality Association​

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