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Vantage® M240 Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis membrane technology for industrial applications.
Vantage® series double-pass 4-inch reverse osmosis systems are designed for a variety of industrial applications requiring high quality equipment with a fast delivery and competitive price.

These pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested units minimize installation and start-up time. With simple utility connections and easy to set up controls, the unit is ready for quick on-line service. Vantage RO systems serve process water generation industries such as Power Generation, General Industry, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics, Solar, Data Centers.​


 Features and Benefits

  • 5-micron filtration is included to protect the membranes
  • 304L stainless steel pumps and piping resist corrosion
  • Sample valves on the feed provide an easy mechanism to test water quality and guarantee system performance
  • UL Rated enclosure ensures quality and reliability
  • Optional pH monitor, alarm beacon and high pump discharge pressure switch allow for more intricate process control and monitoring
  • Compact footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Quick equipment delivery keeps project moving fast
  • Clean in place connections maximize system serviceability
  • Comprehensive factory testing performed at our ISO9001 certified factory

 Product Technology

Reverse Osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove minerals and dissolved solids from water. RO can normally be considered economically attractive on water chemistries with 250ppm ≤ TDS ≤ 2000ppm.  Between 150 -250ppm TDS, local economical considerations and water chemistry will determine whether RO is a viable option.  Normally on waters with TDS < 150ppm, ion exchange without RO is feasible for TDS reduction.

A single pass reverse osmosis system typically removes 97% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) and 95% of naturally occurring organics.  The water recovery and average membrane flux usually ranges from 65 to 80% recovery and 14 to 18gfd respectively with both being dependent on the water chemistry. 


​Vantage® M240 reverse osmosis systems come in five different capacities to meet the varied purified water production requirements of our customers. 

For higher capacities please see our Vantage M280 double-pass reverse osmosis systems​.​
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