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VANOX® Point-of-Use Filtration SYSTEM

Introducing a new approach for reducing critical sized particles.

Semiconductor manufacturing technology requirements have surpassed the capabilities of particle metrology and removal technologies to meet the needs of measuring and controlling particles in Ultrapure Water (UPW) used on wafer surfaces and mask cleaning.

The pores size of conventional filtration technology employed as final filters in UPW systems are close to, if not larger than, the critical size causing so-called "killer" defects.  While current semiconductor manufacturing is approaching 10nm and smaller geometries, the ability of the final filters to reduce these killer particles is not fully understood.  No matter how clean a UPW system is perceived to be, components such as piping, valves and non-steady state operating conditions will generate or release particles throughout the UPW system, ultimately contaminating the distribution loop and the tools.

The Evoqua solution - the Vanox® POU-F System is a compact, ultra clean, point of use filtration system to remove particles from water feeding the critical clean tools used for semiconductor fabrication.  Leveraging over a decade of providing  ultra-clean Vanox systems into the most demanding immersion lithography space, the POU-F improves upon the particle removal technology to deliver the solution to the rest of the fab.

The Vanox POU-F system is constructed with validated materials and technology to ensure optimal particle reduction.  The POU-F efficiently removes particles that can cause yield and performance loss while extending the run time of the Wets/Cleans equipment between preventive maintenance activities.



  • ​Semi C79-0113 compliant
  • 95% Recovery
  • Validated to the 10nm level
  • Non-metallic pump
  • Constructed with ultra-clean materials
  • Delivery pressure controlled and manually adjustable to match the UPW supply pressure
  • Leverages real time data from Evoqua Water Technologies' state of the-art Microelectronics Technology Suite


​POU-F controls these parameters at the absolute limit of the technology used to measure these parameters for;

  • Critical Cleans
  • Particle Removal
  • TOC Removal
  • Degas
  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control

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Vanox® System Hot Water Conditioning Cart​The Vanox System HWCC is a mobile platform engineered for preparing a UF module for service in a few days, as opposed to a few weeks, which is normally required. Hot water conditioning allows the module pores to cycle, shedding TOCs and particles inherent to the manufacture of the UF from the resins. This provides suitable prepping for more immediate service.

​Vanox AOP System

​Organic species targeted reduction for Fab wide UPW feed for flows in the hundreds to thousands of gallons. Customers that initially realized th​e benefit of the Evoqua Vanox POU system soon discovered that lowering their overall organic contamination exposure to their product resulted in greater performance. The Vanox AOP System meets the demand for a platform that can treat the entire process loop. With capacity to treat hundreds or thousands of gallons of water, this solution is not only modular, but also provided the process engineers with set-point flexibility.
Vanox System for Point-of-Use Ultrapure Water Treatment Systems ​The point-of-use platfo​​​rm provides critical flow to specific process stages that require low organic carbon contamination, low particles, tight temperature controlled tolerance, pressure, gases and metals. Ideally suited for immersion lithography toolsets this water not only extends the life of the lens, but provides the specific environment for superior process control.  Vanox POU systems are​ found not only in mature factory lines but also are key tools being utilized in the 450 mm factories of tomorrow.​


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