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Vanox® System Hot Water Conditioning Cart

The Vanox Hot Water Conditioning Cart brings ultrafiltration modules to their optimum performance in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.
Based on the Vanox POU system’s reputation and experience of providing the most reliable performance and highest water quality in the world, Evoqua presents the Vanox system HWC. 
The Vanox system HWC is a mobile platform engineered for preparing a UF module for service in a few days, as opposed to a few weeks, which is normally required. The hot water conditioning allows the module pores to cycle, shedding TOCs and particles inherent to the manufacture of the UF from the resins. This provides suitable prepping for more immediate service.
Because the platform is mobile, UF conditioning can be done either in a maintenance area or at the skid on which the UF module is being installed – whichever is more convenient.
The HWC cart is adaptable to any UF module with four ports (1 inlet, 1 reject, and 2 permeate ports). Adaptor pieces can be provided to connect the ports to the 1 1/2” sanitary hose  connections on the cart.
Where skidded UF connections are available, it may be possible to locate the cart next to an isolated service UF module without having to remove the filter. 



  • ​Utilizes design based on experience of  conditioning filters for applications and fabs with the highest technology demands where Vanox POU system is utilized for DUV immersion feed
  • Precisely controlled ramp up and down temperature curves ensures conditioning without thermal shock
  • Flow rate is tightly controlled for ideal response
  • Accommodates a wide array of UF sizes
  • Industrially engineered 
  • Easy to maneuver with a low center of gravity design for safe operation

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Vanox AOP System​Organic species targeted reduction for Fab wide UPW feed for flows in the hundreds to thousands of gallons. Customers that initially realized th​e benefit of the Evoqua Vanox POU system soon discovered that lowering their overall organic contamination exposure to their product resulted in greater performance. The demand for a platform that could treat their entire process loop was created out of this demand. Capable of treating hundreds or thousands of gallons of water, this solution is not only modular, but also provided the process engineers with set-point flexibility.
Vanox POU SystemThe point-of-use platfo​​​rm provides critical flow to specific process stages that require low organic carbon contamination, low particles, tight temperature controlled tolerance, pressure, gases and metals. Ideally suited for immersion lithography toolsets this water not only extends the life of the lens, but provides the specific environment for superior process control. When tracking down yield or parametric issues as you ramp a new technology the last thing a process engineer wants to question is their facility support. This is why Vanox POU systems are​ found not only in mature factory lines but also are key tools being utilized in the 450 mm factories of tomorrow.​
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