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Raymund Mears
Product Manager

TotalTreat® Continuous Neutralization System (NSP and NS)

For pH adjustment of wastewater.
The TotalTreat® Continuous ​Neutralization System (NSP/NS) is a packaged system designed for continuous flow neutralization. The system includes reaction tanks with chemical injection pumps, pH meters and mixers. The system consists of either 1, 2 or 3 reaction chambers.  

Typically, our systems can treat wastewater with the following influent conditions:
  • 4.0 < pH < 11.0 (single chamber) 
  • 1.0 < pH < 13.0 (two chamber) 
  • 0.5 < pH < 13.5 (three chamber) ​​


 Features and Benefits

  • NEMA-4X electrical enclosure 
  • Compact design for small footprint 
  • Polypropylene construction for superior 
  • corrosion resistance 
  • No inter-chamber piping required 
  • TEFC mixer ​motors 
  • Pre-piped 
  • Pre-wired 
  • Factory tested  
  • Stand-alone operation 
  • Integrate with other wastewater products​

 Standard Available Options

  • Effluent flow transmitter/sensor/recorder 
  • Dual pH transmitters/sensors  
  • Additional air operated (gross) dosing pumps​
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