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Raymund E. Mears
Product Manager

TotalTreat® Continuous Precipitation System (CPS)

Compact, skid-mounted design that performs a continuous flow chemical precipitation process.
The TotalTreat® CPS incorporates two chemical process reaction chambers, a flocculation chamber, an inclined tube separator for solids separation, two sludge thickening chambers, and an effluent sampling and/or pumping chamber, all on one skid.

The TotalTreat® CPS can be used as a stand alone unit or integrated as part of a larger system. The chemistry used in the CPS is selected to provide optimum treatment for the waste. ​


 Features and Benefits

  • Single skid, compact design allows for small footprint
  • PLC controlled requiring less than 2 hours per day of operator attention
  • Standard shop fabricated sizes can result in in project completion as little as 12 -14 weeks
  • Guaranteed effluent quality with metal concentrations <2 ppm and TSS <15 ppm.
  • Integrates with other Evoqua offered wastewater products
  • Evoqua’s CPS technology has been proven in more than 200 applications in North America​

 Standard Available Options

  • Effluent chamber pH transmitter/sensor/recorder 
  • Dual pH transmitters/sensors 
  • Dual ORP transmitters/sensors 
  • Additional chemical dosing pumps 
  • Sludge age tank decant pump 
  • Sludge age tank disposal pump ​


  • ​Metal finishing
  • Printed circuit board
  • Microelectronics
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • General industry
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